Hi Guys,

I have a question about getting hidden artifact skin for prot warrior.
Accordingly to the guides, I should have PROT spec ON (check); read saga in Class Hall (check) and have min. artificart lvl 5 - my question is basically about the last point? If I get artifact in BFA is it already on max lvl or lvl 1? On do I need to have Worldbreaker on my toon equiped when I enter into the cave or can be any weapon?
I am trying since few days, have special WA to check if I can loot it, but without success so far.

Artifact starts at ilvl 152 iirc, and unless you put some relics in it it will stay like this no matter what level you are.

That part prob refers to the knowledge. And that is maxxed out yes. So do not worry about that.

I do not recall this being needed (just be in the right spec). But better be safe than sorry; just equip it :wink:

Thanks Guys, seems i have to try and pray for a good rng… btw. Do i need to be excalted with valarjar?

If I remember correclty Valarjar rep is required for Fury hidden skin. Prot one isn’t even in Stormheim to begin with. It’s in Highmountain.


I have created trial human warrior. Done basic training, respec to prot, next HS to stormwind, portal to azshuna, closest flight master to highmountain peak, went to cave and it worked on the second attempt (i mean on the second trial char). I was lucky because my plan was to create few chars and just log on daily and check.

Afterwards i had to do on that trial char quest to get artificat wrapon to make it possibile to be transmorg on my main warr and that’s all. I had read valor saga on my main only, trials had only prot spec nothing else. Saying that i cannot beloive how stupid idea was to create such way to obtain this apperance…

Hope it will help someone either maybe.

You create trial warrior, then you go to Highmountain, (change the spec to prot) you enter the cave, you will get emote: you hear some noises ahead and vualá you have it. (My case was easier, I was just creating highmountain Tauren and tping there directly)

Then you go back to Dalaran, you do the Order Hall, and you do the quest for the prot artifact weapon and then you use it on the weapon.

Then relog. (for appearance to be account wide mogable)

Congratulations, now you can enter your main and you have it

Notice: You will not be able to open other skin options with your main, as they have to be opened with character you got the skin with, therefore you can walk with the basic skin until you will not get it.

Oh you wrote already sorry ignored

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