Prot warrior and resto druid looking for a new home (heroic raiding)


Due to a lack of community in our current guild, we are looking for a heroic raiding guild to join.

A bit about us, we have played since vanilla and at one point may have been considered hard core raiders, however more recently things are a lot more relaxed. While we both still like to play our characters as best we can, we now only want to raid one or two nights a week. We have cleared BoDA on heroic and want to continue seeing content on that level, but our drive for mythic raiding is no longer what it once was. We are often online a lot more than needed for raiding and do many m+, so community in the guild and non-raid activities are equally important to us as raiding.

We currently have Horde on Kazzak and Alliance on Argent Dawn, given the number of alts and time we’ve spent on both servers we don’t really want to start again on another server but would be happy to join a guild on either of those. We know not a lot of guilds are going to have a space for a tank and a healer at the same time, so we’re willing to be a bit flexible, but these are the roles we want to end up playing.

Hoping to find a guild we can be in for the long term with some likeminded people. In return you’ll get two players who prepare and perform as best as they can in raids, who are active and love playing the game with their guildies whatever the content and who can be counted on to talk random nonsense in guild chat when things go quiet :slight_smile:


Not on your Server but if you ever were willing to change please add me Mods#2952

We are a new guild on Stormscale called Benched looking to recruit for crucible of storms and 8.2.

We raid Thursday and Sunday from 20:30 server time until 23:00 server time. We are a group of 8 to 10 with curve experience in both Legion and BFA as well as some mythic experience.

Recruitment needs are:

1 x Full Time Tank
1 x DPS With Tank O/S
2 x Full Time Healers
Several DPS


(Beckmiester) #3

Please add me pal,