Prot warrior dps is abhorrent

5 target dummies in valdrakken

484 prot warr: 30m dmg - 190k dps

470 veng dh: 30m dmg - 280k dps (2 veteran tier pieces, 463 trinkets and NO EMBELLISHMENTS)

actually disgusting, im rerolling from this useless class

I am sorry to see you go.

Have fun and see you back next expansion :dracthyr_heart:

Playing with a Prot Warrior sure sucks compared to Vengeance, because prot can’t group targets together. Prot has the issue that not only does it have the worst damage of tanks (situationally Prot can burst decently high, but it’s miles behind Pala/DH), but with a Vengeance DH the group does more damage because they can position the mobs better.

For Prot Warrior to be a desirable tank it needs to be either unkillable or do overpowered damage, but Vengeance is both those things at the moment while also having stronger utility. Prot is “fine” to play the game of course, it just doesn’t excel at anything and has been left behind on the design table.

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Bare minimum, Thunderclap needs a 30% buff. Seismic Reverb and Barbaric Training need to go to at least 75% bonus damage. Shield Spec needs to be ONE point so we can at least take some of the end tree talents. Bloodborne too should be ONE point.

Oh, and make Disrupting Shout a Silence!

The trees are just bad in so many ways.

even with a 100% thunder clap damage increase it wouldnt be enough dude, its so bad its not even funny

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