Prot Warrior Looking for a new Home


Good Day my Fellow People,

My name is Deathstorms and i am looking for a new raiding home.

I am currently a 446 Ilvl Protection Warrior, also with minimal DPS offspec, but needs some gear in that department, and my progress for M EP is 3/8M so far. Our team is falling apart at the moment and i would like to spread my roots to a guild in need of a tank, which has similar or better progression at the moment.

I am also looking for a guild, who will progress in 8.3 when the new raid comes out and for a future home, when a new expansion is launch.

You can lookup my logs and rio any time, apparently cant link urls on posts :slight_smile:

I dont mind switching servers or factions, but it has to be worth my while. I am a dedicated raider and always strife to be better than i were the previous night and i am a very reliable raider.

Please if any guild is in need of a tank, please holla at me. You can also contact me in game: Balvezaer#2799

Peace out guys!


Hey there, we’re a small Horde guild on Twisting Nether. We’re currently recruiting for our raid team since we’re a newly formed guild we don’t have much progress logged but we do like to get started on it once everyone is at the right level gear etc.
Please contact me or the guilds officer if you’d like more officer. Ackersass#2322


Hi :slight_smile:
Rome in a Day is a well established Alliance guild on Silvermoon. We’re 3/8M this tier having lost a few players early in Emerald Palace. We’re currently recruiting a couple dps and one of our tanks is equally happy to dps.

If you’re interested in discussing please /w me in game.