Prot Warrior RBG mobility

So, I play alot of RBG’s, and recently I have been enjoying playing protection warrior, however I feel it is slightly unfair that we have lost the ability to leap more than once in a row… druids, dh’s and brew’s have many mobility tools and I just feel that as a protection warrior there should be some way of setting up so that we can leap multiple times… it only seems fair? We are also unable to break slows, unlike druids for example that can do it constantly whenever they wish… would be nice if some changes were made to give us more toolkit for this. One of the first things I can think of that could be changed is adding the PvP talent ‘Babarian’ to the prot selection… at least then we would have 2 leaps. Thoughts on this fellow PvPer’s? Thanks :slight_smile:

You are making bad assimilation.What you don’t see and you should understand about warriors is:We,warriors are assimilation,brothers with Dk and Paladins,we are a clan,same blood just different stile.Pala and Dk comes from warrior class.
Druid,Monk,Dh are made in a different type of fight,we have nothing in common with this races.
So always compare with pala and Dk,and we ise plates not that week leather or pijama as Monk.
We still have Dragon Charge and Heroic Leap +Charge.I think we have enough.
I want baddly Dragon Charge to use as pve talent.

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