Protection warrior trinkets

Hi Guys,

I know that most trinkets are situational but do you know the Best two to run in most mythic + content. Ideally a good mix of Damage and Defence.

At the minute I run Mark of Dargul and Ward of the faceless ire.


Run whatever you like lads. If you enjoy the defencive trinkies, use them. If you want to go full zugzug run double DPS trinkies.

In truth, just zugzug. Always zugzug.



It all comes down to what you like. I like using zaqali grapnel as its dps % is nice as well as the mini-charge effect it has. I also enjoy having a high pace gameplay so i’m using a crafted alchemy stone trinket that gives haste. Which i dont plan to replace with something other than beacon of the beyond (the trinket that drops from last boss).

I also like the Ward of the faceless ire and i find defensive stuff very useful for the content that you are progressing for the first time. You can always go a bit more defensive with your trinkets (and talents maybe) when you are starting a new mythic boss or a key that you never hit before (like hitting your first 22-23 after doing 20s).

But it all comes down to the fact that if you aren’t pushing for any rankings, play with what you enjoy :slight_smile:

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