ProtPala/Holydin LF a SemiHardcore Guild


ProtPaladin looking for a new semi hardcore guild to progress on Mythic raid
I got time any day ( up to three days a week for 3-4 hours)
Mostly I do tanking but gearing up Holydin
370ilvl, cleared heroic Uldir

Hope we see ya in game
Dark Empire
Semi Casual Guild
Progress: (1/8M) (7/8HC) Soon Getting Curve (Best Try 6%)
Our Goal Is To Progress As Much As Possible
We Take Our Time To Farm Gears and Progress Weekly (But Not That Slow)
We Set Target Every week and we try To Accomplish it.

Raiding Time:
Every Friday And Saturday
Server Time : 20:00-22:30

90% Raid Attendance is a Must (Monthly)
If Any Emergency Please Contact Officers Before Raid With Valid Reason

Raid Entry: 355+ Item Level , Mostly 360+ For Trials

Recruitment Details:
We Need +1 Warlock
We Need +1 Range DPS
We Need +1 Holy Paladin
For Our Mythic Team

For More Info Contact In Game : Ador#1978

I can reply to this after almost 4 years

You can, but that doesn’t means that it is coutume to do so. Especially since current threads will be auto-locked within a month of inactivity.