[PSA] A Roleplaying Channel for Organisational Purposes


Hey Waterlords!

I remember from the olden days that Roleplaying chat channels were quite the rage. For organisational purposes mostly. So I thought to myself ‘Is there one on this server yet?’

Long story short, there wasn’t one.


/join AllianceRP

Join the rest of the server and look for Roleplay, or advertise your events!

For the Waterlords!


Good initiative but LFRP has existed almost since the server launched. There’s a version on both Horde and Alliance to my knowledge, although it’s poorly advertised.


We all learned something new today, then. My work here is done.


It might be a good idea to promote the channel in game every once in a while. I’ll set up a macro next time I’m online =)


I second Stillsight’s initiative to promote these respective channels! Lovely to see they’re still going today.