PSA: You can farm bots in Zaralek Caverns for sparks

just a handy tip, go to this area right across the bridge from Loamm

and there are usually 5-10 bots that will pass by every 30 seconds. Ever played a tower defense game? Then you know the rest. They’ve got a kickbot, a full rotation bot, but they’ll focus on whatever attacks them first. They’ll also fly off if mounted, so make sure to aoe root or cc or knock them off with the wingshredder first. As you can see in the video above, this dragon bot attacked Ted and nothing else - Ted managed to get him to 50% hp all by himself. Good work Ted!


that’s a sad part of Wpvp nowadays : instead of having real World pvp like we had in Nazjatar war mode, we fight versus bots

It’s depressing and now real player instant flying mount and run away from real player so i guess bots accepting their death is a lesser evil …

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It’s good to kill the horde bots so that the alliance bots get all the nodes.

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Thus the bot war began.

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You know what i miss ?

The dagger toy in BFA that allowed us to attack our own faction in war mode

To kill bot that would have been perfect to disturb the whole AH and being full of honor point to convert in gold :smiley:

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Ye, I miss the bfa stuff!

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