PTR Spoiler/Discussion Thread (Part 2)

Gnomes have a city.
its called Mechagon
go there and you can see both mecha-gnomes and regular gnomes live there now.
its not a “proper” city if by proper you mean have vendors, but its there.

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Just not available for anyone but Mecha-gnomes😩

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No everyone can enter the city, horde, alliance, gnomes, orcs etc.
All you need is mechagnomes unlocked, thats it.

the entrance can be found on the mechagon island in the rustbolt camp, on the pathway down towards the beach where the goblins are.

Yeah thats not the gnome city. Sorry but its not.

Thats like saying Darnassus (or Stormwind) were the worgen cities.

It’s a gnome city tho, like… uuh… uuh

it depends what you mean with “proper” city
the goblins have some vendors and a working inn
but so does telgus rift or whatever, the void elves have. is that a proper city?
the forsaken live in a city but no one is calling it a proper one despite having vendors as well.

so what is a proper city?

A quick look at GD reveals that there are some nelfposters who consider Amirdrassil a joke and an insult, because it doesn’t have any stone structures like a true night elven city apparently should.

So it seems like what counts as a “true city” is ultimately subjective.

If people want to know what nelfposting looks like when people like me complain about it, this is a decent example.


Damn bro if only Night Elves could grow stone, chiseled out buildings out of the ground right after a magical tree breaks through from a magical realm of nature magic.

What kind of lukwarm take do those people have, what’s wrong with wooden buildings??? Warcraft 3 didn’t have all the pomp of Highborne doodoo.


Especially when the best building in Darnassus was the bank

I dunno if Amirdrassil has anything like this, but if not, that’s what the complaint should be.


I feel like half the Night Elf community just wants to RP being High Elves honestly, they want the Greco-Roman Empire aesthetic which just isn’t the Kaldorei’s grounds anymore.

They just don’t realise living in trees grown to look like giant wooden animals is a cool aesthetic. No appreciation for it :pensive:.


Ok yeah I get your point.

But I do not consider Mechagon related to the true gnomes, which have been trying to reclaim their city since Vanilla.

I get that its subjective, but I just want Gnomeregan for the gnomes :cry:

The monkey’s paw curl.

Gnomeregan is now reclaimed in lore, yet in-game the entire regional valley is now only available inside a raid.


I for one appreciate night elves sticking to wooden structures.

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Considering that the wisps can shape wood to build for the elves, nothing. It makes sense.

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I mean, in Azshara Harbinger, this aesthetic seems to have been indeed Nelf/Highborne stuff… You could even argue that a conquered, updated and revamped Eldre’Thalas could exactly carry that vibe.

I like all of them so I’m not complaining.

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I have my criticism of how night elves have been handled and treated but at some point this just gets embarrassing.


I think the Nelf community should just… Go quiet and allow Blizzard to forget about them. Perhaps then, they won’t mess them again. Even if we were to assume that every dev is trying to best to please, at this point everyone here is embittered. Everyone should let it go and move on, this car crash should be left to the hands of father time.

I think it´s a combined issue of them loving the Kaldorei empire schtick and also wanting to win. Anything that isn´t new Zin´Azshari built upon ruins of Orgrimmar would upset them.
I just don´t get why they don´t pick blood elves and Nightborne then, they are far closer to the old empire than night elves in terms of culture, mentality and general vibe. Nightborne even have the second city of the empire still under their control and in really nice condition (well, most of it).

The Temple of the Moon in Darnassus always felt odd to me because of the huge difference between it and the rest of the night elf assets. It´s basically ancient Kaldorei building stuck in the middle of the night elf city.

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Using the temples of old and maintaining them while all the other old byzantine architecture crumbles, giving way to their new way of life would make sense. The new home having its own temple using Legion assets or even an updated old style temple makes sense too.

Even so, I’m interested in seeing what a modern kaldorei temple would look like as grown from living wood and retaining the aesthetic. A dome of roots with an oculus to let the moonlight in would be cool. Moving on from the old way as exemplified by the horde-elves to make new buildings in a symbiotic relationship with the surrounding land.


The Worst Nelf posters.
The people who will not shut up about the Worst Nelf posters and reminding everyone else they exist/quoting them.

Not sure which is more tiresome tbqh.


The temple of Elune in Darnassus was a modern temple though. It was built after Teldrassil had grown large enough to support it.

“Much of the temple itself was crafted from stone brought from the mainland and transported by magical means.[10]