PTR Spoiler/Discussion Thread (Part 2)

Continuing the discussion from PTR Spoiler/Discussion Thread (Part 1) - #20072 by Xòtrios-argent-dawn.

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73 posts too late.

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Still hoping for a shadowflame customisation for dracthyr spells so everything is on fire instead of blue beamed.


They should give us blue light customisation for night elf priests while they’re at it.

And night elf paladins.


Moon Paladins and Priests for nelfs!

Silver light, would be more prefferable.

Also. Yes. I need NElf Paladins. And Shamans. And Warlocks.

And a NElf Visage form for Dracthyr.

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Dracthyr should be able to be any race for visage, end of.

Nelf warlock, though? :thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Shen’dralar were Mages AND Warlocks at one point. Don’t know if they still are. But anyways, the new Night Elf Mages could’ve been inspired by the Demon Hunters, or fell to corruption and wanted an easy path to powerfull magics, forgoing the Arcane for Fel.

Also in the Old Darkshore, there was a Highborne Warlock in his tower! And he had people come to him, iirc…

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Every class for every race. Give them to me NOW.

We killed him because he was part of a sub cult of the Shadow Council, the Cult of the Dark Strand.

They probably aren’t considering how poorly their attempt at summoning a new food source went.

Honestly this.


Yes, blue.

I want this… Thou leave restricted to faction races obviously.


Undead druids.


Death magic reflavour of their spells, like an even spookier version of what the Kul Tirans have. Mmm, we stan.

Forsaken can already wield holy magic which, going by their lore and themes, they shouldn’t able to do.

I mean… They can tecnacly… It just hurts like hell… At least when I rp using light magic as undead

Well, yeah – that’s my point. The Forsaken, a people risen with death magic and who possess a strong following in the Church of the Forgotten Shadow, can use the Light, even if it has caveats.

Going by the nature and their lore, it’s no less justifiable that they could be able to use a bastardised version of druidism, adjusted to suit their own ends.

In making these posts, I have convinced myself that playing an undead druid would be extremely cool.


Undead druids would probably off themselves immediately because they are violating the cyclical nature they are supposed to uphold.

Now undead monks on the other hand, what better way to balance life and death than perpetually be on the very precipice of both?


This is only assuming that they would subscribe to the Cenarion definition of a druid. My post was pretty clear in stating that it would be a twisted version of druidism, ideally with a unique animated reflavour!!!

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I’ve always been obsessed with this piece of art.

Have something akin to the drust.
Forsaken drudism can focus on rot, decay or something like fungal growth.
Or moss! Who doesn’t love moss?

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