PTR Spoiler/Discussion Thread

Can’t do all the things.

Won’t have anything to release next time their numbers drop.


Any word on what Mac’Aree will be called in the future?

Probably just Mac’aree, apparently you say it differently then you spell it.

muh-KAH-ree instead of McCree or whatever.

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Renamed : Mac’aaroni. Mac’Bhuk. Mac’donads.

wait i thought mac’aree was always meant to be like mac (as in big mac) - i -ree

or idk how ppl write phonetic stuff through english

yknow /makari:/ or w/e

Jennifer Klasing on Twitter (2021-08-26). Archived from the original on 2021-08-26.​ “Yeah I asked all of our VO for the zone to pronounce is Muh-KAH-Ree, because it was kinda silly that the capital city of Argus was named after that dev.

From wowpedia

Yes, I suspect Mac’Aree will stay, but Jessera of Mac’Aree might be renamed.

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Kinda hope so.

I’d like that too. I still need the boots from the mail set for my night elf hunter. I have the ones from regular BfA Darkshore but those are just flat textures on your legs for some reason and look awful.

I still need, with exception of the shoulders and gloves, everything for my Hunter :frowning:

One of the devs (now on a locked Bird app account) having a Real One™ saying that if players quit their opinions don’t matter anymore.

Like… I’ve been around Warcraft for 24-25 years. Uh, yeah, pardon me if I have some opinions on something that was a big part of my childhood and, later on, my life and gaming enjoyment?
It’s really hard to not be critical of people who just don’t seem to get that the player-dev relationship is a lot more symbiotic than they seem to think…

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Really is a mystery how the playerbase has dropped, really is.


Those who quietly leave are those you’ll likely never hear from again. Those who still complain and bring valid criticism and fixes are people who still care can be brought back into the game.

So he just wants an echo chamber and people consooming the product no matter how flawed it is. Great response, this totally displays their maturity. I’m starting to think JAB really did sheltered the devs from the much needed wake up call they needed.


They think they’re untouchable.

But they are not, they are very touchable and WILL be held accountable for the way the game has gone.

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Of Argus?

Feels relevant again… again.

FF devs literally wrote an easy crib sheet, what’s the excuse…?


Its why you can catch Yoshi-P getting wine drunk on stream wiping in savages.


As another comparison, when both games get server issues:

WoW: “Server’s messed up lmao, try again later”

“…maintenance extended”

“…maintenance extended, sorry bout that”

XIV: “Server’s messed up, here’s why”

“Server is still messed up, here is why, here is what we are doing about it”

“Server still messed up, we apologise for the inconvenience, here is why it is taking so long and what we are doing to resolve it as quickly as possible”

Like, just some basic bare minimum communication is just weird to see. I’m used to Blizzard stonewalling and refusing to elaborate (Until recently and that took a lawsuit and a player exodus to happen, it’s not the norm).

Tbh the funniest thing I’ve seen from other players and even devs is “If you don’t like it, play something else!” and now it’s like “ok then” because nowadays there are alternatives. XIV, GW2, ESO and more besides are all stable, healthy MMOs.


Yeah, I mean I doubt most folks are looking for an in-depth technical breakdown. But, all memes aside, ‘Soon™’ is kind of indicative of how things have gone and where they’ve gone wrong.

Starting to feel like, in a lot of areas, ‘Blizzard Polish’ was utilised as a shield for “We do what we want, how we want, and you should just accept that”. Call me cynical, I guess.

It’s not even that in-depth, it’s literally just “We’re having problems because of the chip shortage, we are trying to buy new servers and are even willing to pay extra to get them but have had no luck, we’re expanding server limits while enforcing an auto log off timer to help alleviate queue times”.

Just… any explanation is good.