PTR Spoiler/Discussion Thread (Part 1)

The PTR has just been updated to 9.1, let’s see what’s in store!

The 9.1.5 PTR is about a week away and we’re starting to get information on it! May as well tweak the OP.

The 9.2 announcement is on the horizon, time for another OP tweak!

With 9.2.5 appearing on the PTR, I’m tweaking the title so I don’t have to update it every PTR patch. Continue as per usual!

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Make the legendaries moggable, that’s all I’m asking for


Sylv lookin’ a lil legless over there.

Kinda sus ngl

Dear lord, Ner’zhul! What did the Jailer do to you?!

Also, Thrall is back in the Doomhammer plate! Epic!

NerzhulShadowlands.jpg (4790×1104) (

Checking the icons on mmo champion, I found an interesting one.

https://icons.wowdb. com/ptr/large/ability_soulrenderdormazain_hellscream.7bce9ef7afd5672d7c9bec56a03122ba140c4c27.jpg?38312

Garrosh might have been transported to the Maw. Thrall is thricc

There’s also new icons for cosmetic glasses and new basic looking starter gear.

Finally I can be as much a nerd in-game as I am IRL if those are playobtainable.

Wish Blizzard would let us tmog contact lenses.

Icon names that are very interesting.

achievement_raid_torghast_fatescriberoh_talo.5beb9340171bdf32a21727dd18c92178222f828a.jpg (56×56) (

Seems we have a renegade Attendant here. A Fatescribe no less!

achievement_raid_torghast_shadowscourge_prisonofnerzhul.b6ca7e7dcd2ecf2b721d7ad36903395132926f17.jpg (56×56) (

So Ner’zhul is trapped inside a suit of armour?

Checked out the PTR servers, the icon’s description is true: Garrosh is in the maw.


So far it just seems they’re throwing fan faves at the raid to get people to care


No news yet about those PVP talent updates they promised?

Prolly later, datamining just started so.

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Separate shoulder transmogs in 9.1!


I am not sure whether I like him or not, I think it suits the venerable tactician? But with everything Maldraxxus, I was expecting him to be beefier or more warrior looking.

Also it’s finally here!

With his statue, I always did expect an older looking character. With the robes and thinner look. Wasn’t expecting the beard though. It resembles that leaked image of the early Jailer design back at BlizzCon 2019.

  • 9.1 Andorhal - Kyrian Chapter Scenario

hol up


Feels like it’s based off the OG Necromancer design (Maldraxxus being the source of necromancy now) mixed with the warrior aspect with his plated arm.



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