Public craft orders without mats with a 100g tip. Wtf

Could anyone enlighten me as to why people are putting up orders across multiple professions with a lousy tip of say 22g, asking for ‘high ilvl please’ then including zero mats except a spark when the mats will cost the crafter thousands.

Obviously I’m just ignoring these people because why would I want to use my mats for them, but what is the reason honestly? Are people just that clueless or are they hoping some poor crafter somewhere is going to fall for it and use their mats that they could sell for a small fortune?

Winding me up

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That reminds me of this reddit post:

So it’s a couple issues:

  • Players simply don’t know how the other side of the Public Orders as Crafter works, unless they’re a Crafter themselves.
  • (Grossly) miscalculate how much the mats are for getting a desired rank. This has also to do with not being a Crafter, Sparks, Inspirations, etc etc.
  • Some think Public Orders are made by NPC’s. See reddit comment thread for one such chat exchange example.
  • Begging, now new method through the Public Order system.
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Cheers mate, the reddit post was a good read! I did wonder at first if I was missing something. But i think its just scammers for the most part, and here and there someone who genuinely doesn’t have a clue. I’ve just come across 1 such person tonight.

I do like the way crafting is now, you just got to be careful of scammers and I guess educate people if you can be bothered.

It is annoying when you spend your time and a fair amount of gold on recipes etc then get this going on

People try their luck, some have no idea what’s happening & some people are ‘scamming’!

I think if you need the crafting knowledge points it’s not terrible, as you used to pay people if it was a crappy recipe & sometimes if you whisper said person they’re like ‘ whoops!! I’ll send you now with mats, sorry!’ And finally some just need help, I’ve had many conversations explain the entire process.

I’ve spoken with many people collecting their final 447 crafted items that still don’t understand crafting too :man_shrugging:t2:

I had one last week putting up what looked like decent tip 3k gold for a shadow crest, but zero mats and the dracothyst alone is around 3k per pop, so 9 to 10k at least to put it together.

I messaged them and they were decent about it, got all the mats, re-listed and still added 2k tip, so happy to do it at that point.

But yea lot of them are scammers and often offline, so cant even message them.

Helps to have the ignore addon so you can add more people to your list and add a reason why.

honestly just don’t pick up the orders
their orders will expire and they will be left wondering why no one is picking up their matless 20 gold requests and that to me just sounds like the system working as intended

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All this professions stuff should be boe and on auction house. Crafting orders are so stupid and bad design. Overall professions are so bad this expansion. Finding someone to craft anything few months after patch relase is almost impossible and puting public orders doesnt always give you max quality. Shame.


That is more problem with low population realm than crafting orders system, on populated realms chat is hard to read with all crafter spam.
Crafting orders system is actually more fair since it requires character to do that content with BoP mats, not just buy tokens with gold and be geared in 1 hour after dinging 70 with BoE gear.
Blizzard introduced crafting orders to encourage social interaction which was neglected for long time. They also wanted to populate the world, to make it alive while finding craft materials.

I did wonder how we ended up with this system tbh.
It seemed over complex from the start, and as others have said, open to the abuse of people, not necessarily scamming, but lets just say ‘chancing’ that they can get something for a very reduced cost.
As for talking to each other, they should have possibly thought how people would circumvent the system as it stands. Just a thought.

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