Public crafting orders are so useless unless you allow to ask for certain quality

Whats the point of this useless system if we cant ask for certain quality?


Everyone would set quality to 5 and no crafter could do it without an insight or couldnt even accept it for recrafting to 5.
It is meant for those who dont care about quality and for leveling/not fully skilled crafters.

Then where is the issue having the option to determine the quality? Someone who doesn’t care can just not fill in the blank when creating the crafting order.


Public orders are for either scammers or people who don’t care as long as its crafted, if you want quality find a crafter.

If they add quality on public orders, it will only increase the scammers in there nothing else. Unless they are forced to fill materials if they want to demand quality.


If the person adds a note requesting the quality, I make the effort.
Blank box gets a raw craft.

The system is there for quick orders that doesn’t require a lot of “skill” investment from the crafter. Potions, illusions, trivia, so on.

Then for the top gear/materia you need to look for a skilled crafter, creating a situation of player interaction, that is the point of the system as is.

If you could ask for r5, then the crafter and buyer would not interact at all, something that the devs don’t want at current time. I am sure it will change with time.

I always took my chances with public orders(for things I can’t craft myself).Sometimes is good quality sometimes is not but I don’t care as long as I don’t have to beg.
I would much rather do it like this than interract with someone.
Forced does not appeal to me.
I really hope they will get rid of the system and let us buy or post on the ah.


Not sure why you quoted me, I am not arguing for or against. Just explaining my understanding of why the system is in place as is.

You can gamble as much as you want, if you don’t want to engage with it - nothing wrong with your choice. Everyone should do what they feel like and want to do in a videogame :dracthyr_heart:


Because you said something that I did hear before as being the intention behind the system.And I was reacting to that.
I am not having a go at you.


Every convo I’ve had with a crafter so far was:

Hi, how much?

This isn’t social interaction, and neither is that spamfest called trade channel.


I am not saying there is quality to, or there should be or not.

I am simply:

Well thats something. IRL, you say hi to some of your neighbours, to some you will have a longer chat.
Personally, Im having alot more longer chats with random players since I became crafter.

Honestly, I mainly use it to push crafting for my alts. The weekly for crafting orders gives precious knowledge points. Finally at a point where they can craft all the stuff my main needs. Don’t as about the obnoxious journey. Still not a big fan of the new profession system.


There isn’t a lot of meaningful interaction atm eithet:
“Hi, you got X item? How much?”
“Hi, 10k, send order at r4 (blue)”
“Done, order sent”
“Craft done, bb”

I mean, at least we are talking, but it’s not much.

Yesterday I waited 30mins until in Trade spam channel I found someone who can craft alchemist stone. I would’ve just put public order of R5 with a 10k gold reward (and all of my materials ofc). I payed 10k either way. But at least I could’ve saved these 30mins and do a dungoen or smth, instead of standing in town.


The whole profession system is good in design, but the execution is crap. It works nicely at the beginning of the expansion, but it will end up being obsolete as people unlock specializations.

Public orders were good at the beginning for stuff that did not require quality or to gain crafting points without spending money. Now, it’s pretty useless, as everything costs much less.

You barely make any money with Private orders, while Public orders are active gold sinks. The whole system needs to be adjusted.

That is if you’re playing on a realm with high population…

Aren’t orders cross-server now?

Idk are they? Probably wouldn’t even spot the difference since Ysera as well as its sister realm Malorne have a rather low population. Haven’t found a single public order with either my main nor my alts the past few months. This involves the professions alchemy, enchanting, jewelcrafting, tailoring and leatherworking. The only orders I do are from my own characters and a trade chat request every 100 years. I do appreciate the cross faction guild option though because that way I can at least let my horde chars do profession requests from my alliance chars and vice versa.

Could not agree more. For me public orders are useless. I just use new crafting system as glorified mailbox for sending mats and craft result via personal orders, since I have to find crafter somewhere else anyway.

Maybe someday I will be able to put recraft order with q5 requirement and 20k commission and just wait doing my own business meanwhile instead of a hassle reading spam-trade-chat and wispering people.

So some people can try to scam others. Most of public orders are scam