Public Crafting orders needs to go back to how it was

I don’t know who in the Profession team of Blizzard thought it was a good idea to allow posts without materials was a good idea, but they clearly do not know the player base of this game.

Darkmoon Deck trinkets where they don’t provide the base darkmoon deck to craft, orders that LITERALLY don’t even provide the mettle. And my most recent interaction was offering to craft one of the special Bags that tailorers can make, telling them if they just provide the mats and the personal order instead of public I’d make it. The order was set to 100g; ONE HUNDRED for the Azureweave bag, and you know what I was given as an answer? “Where’s the fun in providing mats?”

Whether it was meant as a joke or not, this is and has been the state of the WoW community for a long, long time. Just stop it. The way professions were at the start was perfection. You don’t have the mats? Tough, you can’t expect someone to front them for you if you’re not willing to provide a lot of gold. That’s why there is a trade chat.

What makes it worse is the lovely cap on the ignore list, and that even after you ignore a player the Public Order tab will still show that item, but if you click it, nothing is craftable because it is the ignored player. Just fix it already and go back to how it was.

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Is it really so hard to just skip orders with no mats or insufficient gold fee?

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Just to add a plus one to this “crafting order nonsense”.

So my two penneth, I haven’t used the crafting order to find or make any orders other than my own, which I do for the profession quests (orders for my jewelcrafter etc.).

The whole point, I think, would be if I have a druid who does alchemy, he doesn’t KNOW what leatherwork stuff is available or what it takes to make it. So I’d have to look, then go check on mats (on wowhead or something, yet again, off to some external database to be able to play this ever more complicating game), or just do what everyone else seems to do, and put in a vastly low/insulting (compared to cost of mats) offer, and hope someone either doesn’t know, or rate their profession enough, or is so desperate for points.
Doesn’t fill you with much confidence in other players there, does it. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

It’s not the point of skipping over them. Its the facts that:

  1. Even if you have the person BLOCKED / IGNORED, the Crafting Table shows that ‘someone’ wants that crafted. So it’s just permanently showing on the public orders
  2. You have to blocked/ignore someone, filling up an already limited menu; which that’s another frustration, why the F does the ignore/block list have a MAX.

You can skip it over all you want and pretend not to see it. But it’s there. It’s visible, and it’s annoying.

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Agree and disagree. You can use Wowhead, but the Public Order people do allow you to see what mats are needed for the craft you want to make. Worse case, you open Notepad or write it down in a Say chat, fly to the AH to buy the mats. But it is very annoying that people without the profession cannot really see what mats are needed.

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What’s disturbing to me is the facts many people don’t actually know how the crafting order system works.
There isn’t a single in-game or online reference made by Blizzard themselves that explains the whole system.

If people cannot get a clear and concise explanation as to how an in-game system is supposed to function without resorting to third party websites, YouTube videos or whatever, the system is inherently a failure.
The UI of a system needs to be clear, to the point and without any hidden features.

I often whisper people who post 250 g fee for a 5-10k item without them even knowing the system works that way, because nowhere on their crafting tab it’s telling them the required items cost X amount of gold. Hell those prices could even be cross-referenced to AH prices, but Blizzard chose the lazy route. Addon developers can go and do it for them so they can then put it in as a game feature 10 years later…

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Oh damn I feel ya. I never thought before that ignore list has its limits. Right now I have to randomly remove ppl from it to put new ppl into, hoping that ppl I remove got banned or dropped the game.

At least Blizzard could have set the gold threshold for such orders - they can always check the minimum price on the AH for all the missing mats, do calculations and add 20-30% on top as a fee for laziness + to cover possible price fluctuations while order is waiting for its crafter.
But why bother, if you can just make it this way and make ppl suffer because of apes who can’t even read or google how system works. Yet I don’t really believe that ppl could be that naive and expect to get top ilvl item and give nothing in return

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I am with Kinbear her. No idea what exactly is to get where from so I whas back then overenjoyed to hear I can get to make orders by just offering someone 30k Gold and they instead provide everything.
No you still need despite that to provide some things so instead I keep my gold and stay away from it.

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