Public orders needs a slight adjustment

So I am sure anyone that crafts public orders is sick and tired of seeing scammers wanting free crafts, with zero mats and a 100g tip for stuff that costs thousands of gold to make.

Simple solution, if you do not have the mats when you are putting in the order, have it default to purchase the mats directly from the aution house at the lowest going rate for those materials.

If you insist on unticking the box for this when placing the order and are too lazey to get the mats yourself, then a further warning should pop up indicating crafts with zero mats are going onto a new tab that apears far right of the work oder screen labeled something like “beggars can’t be choosers”.

This would make it much easier to parse honest craft requests vs various scam requests that make a lot of crafters want a longer ignore list.


I honestly like that idea. I’m fed up of having to go through pages of bot/scam posts for BoE items with no mats and 1 silver commission.

Public orders should require you to provide all the mats and if it was linked to AH then there’s no need for an opt out option. If you want a crafter to provide the mats there’s the private/guild option for that.

Not really, takes about a second or two to see which have mats, which dont and which are profitable even without mats, but good fee.

Yes really, no one should have to put up with seeing scam orders every day if they dont want to and the ingame ignore list does nothing.

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Unless you happen to be a scribe, where you have to check each order type (over 40 of them some weeks) for the various Drake tmogs and weekly Treatise crafts.

Unfortunately, you can’t see whether there are orders with all the mats, without clicking on each order type. Or worse, some low value mats but no Awakened or Barding, which you can’t see until you click on each specific order.

Then multiply this by every Crafter who goes to check Public Orders that day.

As @Ráevelyn said, if you want to post orders for your guildies, friends or alts, there’s Guild and Private orders for that. Respect other players’ time, please!


Less heavy-handed would be to change the Craft Order suggested tip calculation, separating the suggested tip for Public and private/Guild orders.

Often the latter are for alts, rather than other players & using the data collected as an average will under-price the Public Orders.

Better still, for public orders, base the suggested commission on AH mat prices at yesterday’s close of day + 10% tip. If add-ons like TSM can calculate this data, it should be possible to do this batch-data-processing for the standard interface as the mats price is realm wide.

or they could add a way for us to filter out work orders we dont want to see, such as a check box to only show work orders that have all materials supplied. i did just notice that ignoring the person seems to hide their work orders, but it still shows “3 available crafts for this item” and only hides them if i click to see who the 3 are

but yeah on ragnaros example we have same 2-3 names doing it everyday. never seen online outside of the reposting and always same boe blue materials or barding items. such as earthshine scale.

the scale it self sells for 74/120/1.8k each up to quality you craft it on.
its materials costs 900g on cheapest ones off ah and crafts 2 items

they offer 0 materials and tips 17gold =I

in my opinion 0 material work orders should only be limited to personal work orders or inside guild ones, never to public or it causes this sort of issue where its hard to find “legit” work order requests among all the fishy “scam” priced ones. and if that is change they dont want to do then atleast give us a way to hide those work orders out

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I use an add-on (Public Orders Reagents Column) that allows you to filter out orders on the detailed search screen. However, as you said, it doesn’t help when it still shows there are orders until you click-through to the detailed screen, even if you have ignored the person. This is particularly true of Inscription where there are over a page of different types of drake tmogs and treatise types. My Ignore list is now FULL on my scribe as either these people change chars or new scammers appear.

I appreciate that not all under-priced orders are scams. I do try to use the whisper function if the char is still online and it’s only a bit under-priced. Sometimes people simply do not know that a material such as barding is very expensive. I once got around 8,000g worth of repeat sales from this (as my scribe can do almost all the patterns)!

Under-pricing also happens a lot with Treatises, where the price of Rousing/Awakened has shot up in the EU, meaning where 200g would have covered the mats + tip, now it’s a -50g or more loss. I see quite a few of these reset day +1 with <1 hour on them.

The whole crafting system is a scam, people can provide you with lower quality crafts and the system does nothing to show the player what kind of item they can expect, the buyer has no control over the quality, can go in expecting one thing only to get something else.

Recrafting is even more convoluted. Nevermind the scams for crafters, the whole system is a scam for buyers. Coming into DF and seeing the crafting system, never seen something more convoluted and unclear. If it doesn’t get a complete overhaul for the next expansion it’s a travesty.

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Doesn’t matter, when playing WoW I shouldn’t have to be “On Guard” against scammers each time I use buying/selling services.

This is no different than the Old AH material scams with 99 silver bid and 10099 gold buyout. Just because you can “see it” by paying attention, doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be any efforts made in design to prevent these scams to begin with.

I don’t know if it’s malicious or just ignorance of people trying to figure out how the commission system works, but it’s too frequent.

Yeah, whoever at blizz thought that letting folks post public orders without prioviding any materials is a good idea should go home and rethink their life.

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