Punish gold BUYERS

The whole explanation for the introduction of the token spoke about rampant demand for purchasing gold.

Why not just punish gold buyers more harshly? The only reason people do it over and over is because they get a small slap on the wrist and usually get to keep everything they purchased after a short suspension.

A far heavier sentence would have deterred people. Perhaps 1 month ban → 6 month ban → permanent ban?


So you are saying the ban for buying gold should be the same as for selling gold?

Someone on my friends list recieved a 2 week ban for buying gold. Definitely too lenient. Should be minimum a month, but I guess blizzard are worried people won’t return if they are banned for too long.


Nope, selling is permanent on first offense as far as I know.

There’s a long way between the current punishment and a permanent ban for the first offense.

Anyway what changed? I remember buying gold in the very early days of WoW and my account was permanently closed for it.

Assuming the punishment for selling gold is severe, why not?

Perm ban should be the punishment for both


No it shouldn’t. It’s basically an infinite loop, and you should break 1 part of the loop to stop it entirely.

In the background:
People want to play WotLK and grouping busted/Not enough playtime. Farming your own gold takes ages (if you want to do it through gahtering for example). Gold demand rises (GDKP, No RDF (having to buy gear). These are all problems that mess with the economy. So what do people do.

→ Buy gold (so you can keep playing) → Buy items/GDKP → Incentive to sell gold/GDKP rises → Offer more/better price → repeat.

In other words… There’s 3 solutions:

  1. Make the game better by giving the players better chances to gear themselves up. (Crack down on gather bots/people that play the AH (people that buy up all the flasks for example) or bring RDF into the game).

  2. Crack down hard on gold buyers. Ban them and punish them for the problems that Blizzard helped create.

  3. Crack down hard on GDKP runs and gold sellers. Ban them and punish them for the problems that Blizzard helped create.

All these help to bring the demand for gold down (and take away incentive from GDKP’s and sellers).

That won’t work, some of these people like zero effort to get gear.

I’m not sure about hard but they do need to be punished.

So you would punish those who earn their gold legitimately?

Blizzard really need to be pro-active in looking for bots. That’s where the bought gold mostly comes from.

I dont like this “if you cant beat them, join them” mentality blizz have. Firt offence ban account, second ban ip and mac adress

I dislike this. Not that i do much gdkp, but because gold is a currency you should be able to spend the way you want.

I dont know how the economy would be if ALL bots disappeared over night, how that would affect pots/cons/enchants its hard to say. But thats all i spend gold on atm, nothing else. I gain more gold than i can spend, what else do you spend gold on then?

I have epic flying on all chars i play, i even have epic flying on alts i dont play.

Sounds good.

Well you could have a long and broad discussion about what is legitimate and what is not. I mean as ‘the rules’ are now… the most interesting part of the EULA is Section C: ii, iii and xi. Eula (visited 30-05)

To summarize the interesting parts:

  • No cheating (cheats, bots, hacks or any other non-Blizzard coding that wasn’t authorized).

  • No commercial exploits unless Blizzard stated it to be OK. (No wagering)

  • No disruption / harrassement:

  1. Harassment, “griefing,” abusive behavior or chat, conduct intended to unreasonably undermine or disrupt the Game experiences of others, deliberate inactivity or disconnecting, and/or any other activity which violates Blizzard’s Codes of Conduct or In-Game Policies.

So as I read this: Botting is not allowed, gold buying and selling are not allowed. GDKP’s have the OK by Blizzard. But one could argue in WotLK classic where there’s not enough chances for everyone to gear up equally. GDKP’s disrupt the game experience of others. And therefor it could be argued it’s against the EULA.

On a sidenote… how Blizzard phrashed things they can ban people from buying gold from 3rd parties, but they can sell their own tokens because they gave themselves the OK.

So the act of buying gold is not perse bad. Buying gold from anyone else but Blizzard is bad. (because they don’t make any money of it).

Food for thought.

you can’t detect every gold buyer, the solution is making gold useless

I’m not sure about you, but I’d think twice about buying gold if it was a 6 month suspension or worse.

Anything less than a month is ridiculous, of course people are going to try their luck.

Stop making post Blizzard won’t do anything because you spam your post, exactly as they don’t add RDF and let War, Hunters D tier dps

they can make it undetectable, go watch metagoblin’s new video he explains how these things work and actually buys gold to show the process , yes they can dive deeper to investigate and find that it’s shady but doing that for every player is just not possible

they’ll bee good when icc arrives so dw

Make an example of these people by deeply investigating certain cases, and dish out a permanent ban.

Of course they can’t catch everyone, but they can put up a strong deterrent at the very least.

Anyway, that’s what I think is best for game integrity. Since that no longer matters, might as well get stuck in & sell a load of WoW tokens to fast-track my gearing process!

yeah but then there will be discord servers dedicated to it making it look like they ran a gdkp together so it won’t look shady, i think the permanent solution is taking away the usage of gold from players , ban gdkps but that’ll probably cause them to lose too many subs .

Blizzard will not accept out-of-game proof of anything, so a Discord server won’t help much (or at least they used to ignore Discord proof in vs player cases before). Their logs will be able to show whether these accounts were in a raid together or not.

well yeah but they don’t ban people from mailin each other gdkp cuts and like i said checking every log after gold being transferred between players is not possible to do. it’s even harder than banning all the bots.