Purple eyes on Sin'dorei?

Hi there! I’m having a new roleplay character, on Horde side.
She’s a Sin’dorei, but with purple eyes (and light bluish hair) and it’s purely for aesthetic reasons. Now I’m wondering, how can I make it lore friendly?

I was thinking of two reasons:

  • The eye colour was achieved due to her Arcane magic usage
  • She would be a half Quel’dorei, half Sin’dorei

Are those reasons valid in any way? If not, can there be any other?
Thank you so much for help in advance!

Also I’m new to Horde roleplay, is Silvermoon City often visited by roleplayers? I know it’s most probably not as popular as Stormwind City, but maybe it’s still a good place for RP?

Yup, I realised that my half sin’dorei, half quel’dorei argument is pointless lmao. I said it only, because of eye colour difference, but yes, I’m aware that the difference is only political to be honest, sorry!

Quel’Dorei and Sin’dorei are mostly the same. The purple eyes can be from the use of arcane, same way green was caused by fel magic.


Thanks, I think I will go with that reason then!

ROLF. Just like uncle Jerry who is part human, part male.

Like everyone else said they’re exactly the same race the only difference is Quel’dorei haven’t embraced the views of the Sin’dorei. It’s a political difference (in simple terms) they’re exactly the same race genetically, there’s no divergence between the two like say the Kaldorei and the Nightborne.

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