PvE Loot System is Seriously Flawed

1 week ago, CN Normal + Heroic Full Clear: 1 normal crap loot drop. Gave it away.

Trying to find a good off-hand weapon and possibly some trinket upgrades: Repeat 7-10 Plaguefall M+10 times: Anima every time except for 1 crap armor piece for +2 in time at least. But some DH gets the sword. And this OP ez mode class shares all the rogue loot anyway. What happened to their friggin’ warglaives?

Great Vault for 3 weeks: 3 boxes from raid and 3 boxes from M+: either a copy of an existing item or crap loot.

Call it QQ but this game simply is not worth the time and effort anymore.

Time to unsub.


I believe it’s traditional to ask for your gold!

So can I have your gold please?


buy one from the pvp vendor, another useless spam thread.

When you finish a covenant’s storyline you get a weapon token. I assume you can use that to buy an offhand weapon. It will require a bit of work, sure, but you’ll get a token guaranteed. Just switch back to your old covenant before you buy that offhand weapon though! The weapons are partially covenant locked, so if you buy one of the new covenant, you wouldn’t be able to transmog it (you would be able to continue to use it - at least; I was able to).

But you are able to buy any weapon in any covenant with that token. I know, because I did that. I in fact have bought 3 weapons this way to unlock the transmog options (which you don’t get in different covenants of course, but I’m hoping they’ll drop those restrictions near or at the end of the expansion).

It’s not perfect, at all, but it’s something.

Wow has never been a PvP game in the first place. Last time I had to do PvP for PvE has been in TBC. I don’t play that hardcore anymore, and I shouldn’t be pushed to PvP for loot to be used in PvE. That is bad game design. If I were into PvP, there are much better games than WoW. So yes this thread is potentially useless I agree but it’s not spam.

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You mean the 184 token? Thats very valuable indeed! If you’re still finding WQ difficult content. I haven’t seen any higher ilvl token and I’m sure I’m up to date with the campaign, but did I miss something?

It’s ‘something’, which is better than nothing (it’s 187 btw).
That was my point.

And since I don’t raid (LFR not withstanding) or do M+ that is actually the highest weapon I’ve been able to get. Yeah I could fork over a lot of gold for a BoE weapon, but that’s not happening.

Yes, I hate the gearing system of Shadowlands.
I’m a second rate citizen. And I hate it.

Something in this case is not enough :stuck_out_tongue: can’t wait to see what solutions they will bring next patch though

If the past is any indication; catch up gear via tokens. Maybe in combination with an upgrading system.
But we’ll see (hopefully they’ll stop this ‘gear is rare and special nonsense’).

Blizzard fixed M+ loot, as they should, because people can do M+ 24/7. They should have never touched loot we only can find once per week, like raids and world bosses.

Ion may think it’s meaningful to bang your head for weeks for absolutely nothing. I disagree, so I stopped doing that content. And, sadly, I find myself doing less and less of the rest because everything feels like a terrible slog compared to previous expansions.

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Not many people bring up, but I feel the biggest flaw of the current raid loot system, is that it seems near impossible to ever complete the Nathria Transmog sets during the season.

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