[PVE] More Zugs! – Cross-faction PvE Community – Currently recruiting DPS (DH)!


Sorry for reposting the thread, we did an oopsie with bumpin the last onedue to the lull in S1 so here we are again!

We’re More Zugs! A community looking to establish a cross-faction PvE team focused on raiding heroic, with a bit of dabbling in mythic should we get enough people, alongside a healthy dose of Mythic+ (Because everyone deserves to experience the joys of a sanguine week on high keys.).

Our main intention is heroic ahead of the curve each season and dipping our toes into mythic. With the start of a new season however, we will probably be starting at Normal. If you don’t think you have high enough ilvl, please dont hesitate to reach out anyways.

Currently looking for:

DPS Demon Hunter!

Raid times:

Mondays and Fridays, going from 20:00 – 23:00 server time.

“Alright, but what can you offer?”

  • The leadership of the community is comprised of 8/8 HC Vault raiders who managed to suffer through m+ enough to attain the legendary rank of Keystone Heroes, even if that means we will never set foot in the Ruby Life Pools again due to a certain incident involving our tank thinking he can do a “big pull”. We promise that the people running the show are competent enough to know which swirly on the floor is good, and which swirly is bad.

  • Fun! We’re here to down some bosses and have a fun time doing it while in a healthy atmosphere. While people will obviously be expected to sweat a little during progression, no one is going to tear your head off if you meme it up a bit while we kill bosses that we have on farm.

  • Get a premium package of cat pictures from one of the raid leaders.

Some Rules:

  • Every person who makes it to raid is expected to have put enough preparations before we pull the big loot piñata. We ask that you are ready with your consumables, enchants, gems, as well as general ability to play your chosen spec.

  • You will be expected to continue gearing outside of raid. While the Vault of the Incarnates and any future raids that Blizzard throws at us hold plenty of shinies, it is a slow way to gear up when all those shinies have to be shared.

  • Don’t be a butt. We’re here to have fun so any sort of unwelcome shenanigans will be met with appropriate action

  • Any sort of disrespectful attitude or other memery towards RPers is not allowed. While the community was made with the intent of raiding and PvE content, every member will be expected to treat RPers with common decency and respect. This includes the usage of addons to parody profiles of RPers.

If you are interested, please try to reach out to one of our admins through discord:

  • aenlein
  • blaser
  • pohtaitoe

I’m just here to drop a stamp of approval because Arlissia’s a good egg.

Small bump.

Following our first pokes at Aberrus, we are currently 9/9 normal and 5/9 on heroic.

We are still looking for a mage to round out our roster. Please don’t hestitate to give us a poke if you’re a portal opening, int granting and spell slinging magic enthusiast.

This week on our first raiding day we went 9/9 Normal and 7/9 Heroic! Woosh! We only have two bosses remaining in Heroic now, which we’re all eager to start work on tomorrow.

We’d still love to have a Mage join our ranks! Do give us a poke if you’re interested in coming along for giggles and loot!

Hello hello!

Small update nr 1: - Still seeking a mage!

Small update nr 2: - We are now officially 9/9 heroic. Sarkareth bit the dust.

More Zugs is once again curved!

Another week, another HC clear! 9/9 cleared out in one night. Tonight sees us moving to tackle the meta achievements for the mount! We’re eagerly awaiting the Hall of Fame to fill up so we can then take a peek into Mythic ourselves with our off-realm members.

We are still eager for a Mage to join our ranks! The spellcasters cry out for an Intellect buff… It’s deafening!

With Heroic now comfortably on farm and the Hall of Fame filled up, we are now setting our sights on Mythic as of next week!

We plan to approach Mythic in a very casual way. We’re a Heroic focused group but hope to take down some Mythic bosses. This means that we’re unlikely to be a “60 wipes on 1 boss” cutting edge kind of group. We’ll go in, see how far we get and when we reach a wall that feels unpassable, we’ll likely call that our limit and focus on re-clearing.

Otherwise we’ll continue to re-clear Heroic and do keys with each other for the season. There’s also the megadungeon coming soon, too!

We would desperately love to welcome the following:
Mage (plz where are you), Druid, Enhancement Shaman and a DPS Demon Hunter! That said, we are open to players of all DPS classes joining currently, especially those who can heal/tank as back-up (but our main slots for healers and tanks are filled!)

We have lots of laughs and actually seem to do okay at the game (touch wood) so if you’re interested in getting involved in the PvE side of things, don’t be shy and reach out!

I was new to it this expansion and I’m having a blast. You might, too! :slight_smile:

More Zugs’ first foray into Aberrus Mythic happened tonight with the addition of cross-realm mythic this week!

We had a ton of fun and went 3/9 with some great progress on boss number 4. Hopefully we manage to nab that one down later this week!

We’d still love a Demon Hunter to join our ranks. Come give our caster DPS a buff! You’ll be much loved! :smiley:

The legends speak that one day a Demon Hunter will descend from atop the heavens and bless us with 5% magic damage. They will reap rewards of sharing a tier token with 2 people who are already full tier while being beloved by all for they bring the greatest gift anyone could ask for…

Bigger number

Back into Aberrus we go tonight for a quick Heroic clear and more prog on Experiments. We’re whittling them down slowly but surely… Hopefully with a consistent 20 players we can nail the specifics down and get the kill!

Speaking of a consistent 20, we sure would love a Demon Hunter! Come help us kill Dragon-things, the demons are done with for now!

Experiments to the last phase. Rionthus to 70%. All we need is polish then it’s a kill.

Prog hype

We are so close to getting our Experiments kill! We’ve been tidying up our tactic and have it nailed down. This reset will be the week, I think!

Would still love one of those Demon Hunter folk, though! :smiley:

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