PvE Raid Status

Hello Nethergarde Keep!
I’m curious to see how our server is getting on with the current batch of raids. Please post your guild’s current raiding status, including dates, and I’ll compile a running list of what’s what on the realm. This might be helpful for those looking to join a raiding guild too…

Molten Core:

  1. [H] Adrastus - Clear (29/09)
  2. [A] The Finest - Clear (30/09)
  3. [H] De Profundis - Clear (01/10)
  4. [H] Elders - Clear (06/10)
  5. [H] The Dominion - Clear (20/10)
  6. [A] Critting Myself - Clear (12/11)
  7. [A] Obscenity - Golemagg?
  8. [A] Rise - Shazzrah?
  9. [H] Sancti - Baron Geddon?
  10. [A] Filthy Casuals - Gehennas?


  1. [H] Adrastus - Clear (29/09)
  2. [A] The Finest - Clear (29/09)
  3. [H] De Profundis - Clear (01/10)
  4. [H] Elders - Clear (01/10)
  5. [A] Obscenity - Clear
  6. [H] The Dominion - Clear (20/10)
  7. [A] Critting Myself - Clear (31/10)
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Here u go, not sure why dates are important to you unless it is epeen you are looking for and then I guess you on the wrong server for that, it is imho rather less of a challenge to be the ‘first’ on a more relaxed server like ours.

Aside from that congratulations on your clears, well done:D

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Congratulations to you too! Thanks for the update, I’ve added you to the list. Dates are largely unimportant (to me), I appreciate this is old content that and this is not bleeding-edge raiding, I’m just a sucker for accurate record keeping. :slight_smile:

Edit: It would be nice to get some insight on how the Alliance are doing too.

My guild “Sancti” (A) has cleared 5/10 MC so far 35 man (4 or so players from other guilds)

Filthy Casuals (A) has done 3/10 MC. (31 people, a few below 60)

Elders MC (6th Oct) and Ony (1st Oct) cleared.

Can u correct the date since you are a ‘sucker for accurate record keeping’ :wink:

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The Finest (A) MC clear 30/09, Ony clear 29/09

The Dominion (H) - MC clear 20/10, Ony clear 20/10

Mate you still haven’t corrected the date for Elders Which was the 6th of October for MC.

Edit, ok ty, I see it is fixed

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Critting Myself cleared MC on the 12/11 :v:

Also Critting Myself Cleared Onyxia 31st oct.

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The Dominion (H) - BWL fully cleared 13/02

Colossus (horde) MC clear and Ony clear
Relevant (horde) MC clear and ony clear
Make raiding great again (horde) MC and Ony clear
Minty fresh (horde) MC and Ony clear

Unforgiven (Horde): MC and Ony clear (stable in one evening, between 2h30 and 3h including summoning, etc.)

Not that much of a progress but: Unforgiven, BWL 1/8, Sunday, 23rd February

New ID, new boss down: Unforgiven, BWL, 2/8 - Sunday, March 1st.

Could you add ‘Cross guild’ to the list?

‘Circle of the Moon’ with ‘Sick Trolls’ (alliance) have cleared ALL raid content


With Lashlayer is another boss down: Unforgiven, BWL 3/8.

All content cleared (Ony, MC cleared, BWL cleared)

Great progress from our side, Dragons and Chromaggus down, so: Unforgiven, BWL 7/8.