PVE to PVP (or PVE faction transfer)

Any word on when, if ever, we will be able to transfer pve to pvp on classic era?

Horde side pve has really low population, and while this is improving, it really would be nice to be on a more populated cluster without having to throw away progress and start again.

Alternatively, a transfer from horde side pve to alliance side pve would also be a good alternative solution.

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There was a blue post saying pve-pvp should happen during prepatch or during wrath

There has indeed been no such word.

Since the post says

You could take that to mean it’s only for Wrath or it could be for all types of realm. There has been no clarification.

Also you can move from just about anywhere PvP to Firemaw and PvE to Pyrewood Village.

This change is now live for TBC/Wotlk Servers.
Still can’t transfer from Era PvE to Era PvP, seems like we wont get it. All my Horde Characters stuck on dead Pyrewood Village…


Samsies /10char

same here, i wanna play my mage and rog but mirage is quite dead, except from raidlogging specific days/hours there is nothing u can do:(

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They’ve also extended the help docs to separate out wow classic and tbc so it looks like excluding classic era was deliberate.

I really don’t understand the logic for not allowing horde pve to transfer to the PvP cluster.

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