Pvp? anyone here?

Just checking to see if this aspect of the game still exists or is being worked on.

looks at season 4 PvP patch notes

Yawn - another expansion and season to ignore pvp. good to know. Go on with what you’re doing folks! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m going to mainly focus on PvE for the fated mount and stuff.

Ion said they’re trying to focus more on PvP in TWW so fingers crossed we see some changes.

I noticed this comment and couldnt help myself.

Generally, my friend, companies tell people what they want to hear, just keep that in mind :wink:


wasnt it only “bgs” ?

Yeah, this is what I’m a little bit worried about. But if they’re looking to sway comp PvP into bigger groups of players as an experiment I’m willing to try it out for an expansion. It’ll be something new, and judging by the new map, it looks very similar to Overwatch objectives.

I’m just hoping to have fun in PvP, I don’t care if it’s in a rated BG or a rated arena.