PVP Balance based on ladder, shuffle and AWC

Demon Hunter need a survival, burst and instant Crowd Control needs nerfing

Destruction Warlock rift and instant cast damage needs nerfing

Elemental Shaman random deeply rooted elements damage needs nerfing considerably and grounding totem should be enhancement shaman only

Outlaw Survival and control needs nerfing


developers: yes i agree nerf paladin


You mean DK?

Developers: we have taken on your feedback and are pleased to say DK survivability is going to be nerfed! After 10.2.6 you should be able to kill them with the power of thought!

Restoration druid

  • all healing reduced by 0,075%
  • grove treants healing increased by 15%
  • mana regeneration reduced by 1% in pvp combat
  • innervate now gives a standard 50k mana back on top of its current use

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