PvP Build for 10.0.7?

With the changes to unholy blight and the buffs to the right side of the tree, as well as the heavily death coils focused 10.1 tier sets, will the meta change towards more prio damage with big coils, big clawing shadows, going center and right of the tree, and taking Fester+Unholy assault and Commander of the dead?
I personally play commander now instead of dots, and feels much more satisfiying, the killing power is there, as opposed to padding damage and a general feel of weakness and lack of “finishing touch” ability when opponents fall to low hp. Nothing feels worse TBH then having a guy at 30-35% and not having some big hits to end it right there, then see him get saved.

If going for Unholy blight and Big dot build, you would have to lose either 45 sec apocalypse (really really bad), unholy assault or gargoyle, all of which would severely destroy any kind of prio target burst UH has.

We’re doomed.

Death knight needs damage buffs.

Not really, the damage itself is massive during burst / aoe, but the damage profile is pretty biased towards that “spread dot” playstyle. I usually top damage at the end of arenas, and can reach 70-80k during burst, but its all spread out, and ST is only strong during Gargoyle / UA window.

I think from wednesday the ST build with big coils and clawing shadows + big pet damage might become meta… I cant see how you can force cds without Gargo with the dot build. Sure you might win by dampening but its super boring.

u can basically run same talents as rn just without blight. hurts but will prob still be the strongest build. we will see i guess.

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