PVP Changes I think everybody would be very happy to see

Class Changes

  • Crowd Control pruned across the board with abilities like Chaos Nova & Fel Eruption, Stormbolt & Shockwave, Blind and Gouge becoming Choice nodes alongside other change that will increase higher duration dispelable CC with considerably less of the less avoidable undispelable CC that are in the game now.
  • Mobility being lowered with spells like Triple Roll, Double Charge, Double Steed, Double Shimmer, Double Fel Rush all being changed to singular charges in addition to other mobility spells being heavily tuned to result in much less mobility across the board.
  • Healing specs should as Fistweaver & Protection Paladin (and Support Specs like Augmentation) to never be viable, ever… Period
  • Pet specs such as Beast Mastery and Demonology Warlock playstyle to be drastically altered away from pets or always being made C tier for the mental health of all players that are not then.
  • drastic reduction in damage modifiers in favor for baseline harder hitting spells which will allow a faster peace meta that isn’t as burst as shadowlands but also not a random 1 shot mechanic either. Example: No reason why Mortal Strike just always can’t crit 150k with it critting 200k during burst CDS rather than Mortal Strike critting 50k baseline and 300k with burst CDs.
  • % based health spells removed entirely such as greater Pyro and Sniper Shot


  • Removal of synergized ques. 2-5 man group will only que with random Solo players and will be prioritized in facing other 2-5 man premade groups.
  • Blacklist returned that allows you to blacklist 1 epic and 1 random BG
  • Drastic increase of about 1000% conquest increase from Random Battlegrounds
  • Daily Battleground quest added that award 1500 gold for completing a normal and epic BG to give PVP players a way of earning gold per day. getting access to 21,000 gold per week playing 2 battlegrounds a day isn’t crazy and will incentive PVE players to do it for a bit extra gold


  • War Mode reduces Healers specializations Healing output by 20% and increase mana cost of spells by 20% when engaging in world pvp to combat healing immortality in the open world

Arena Tournament Brawl added

  • functions the same as 3v3 however 3 teams will face each other with the 3rd team being able to watch.

They are testing this out in SOD, so far there has been additional negative effects, whether if this outweights the positives is yet to be seen on the long term.

Will increase BG queue time across the board as the matchmaker will have to account for that.

Will destroy Solo Shuffle, Arena and other PVP modes that reward CQ.

In this you said it will give PVP players a way to earn gold, but also incentive PVE players to do the same. Since the quest is only to complete it, players can simply loiter around to lose fast and complete it and not return for the day.

Additionally, there are already issues with players leaving because they’re losing or because they’re “saddled with PVE players in a PVP content” so this may or may not increase hostility across the board.

Plus, introducing extra gold income will cause inflation.

Loosers always cry about something theres no system which can please them.
If someone is higher rated than you with the same class,gear and talents that means you are bad my bro thers no system that can help you.

I would love too wait way longer too avoid a BG i hate


Yea until you get 30+ minute queues then people demand to roll back the changes like we see happening at SOD for splitting premades/solos.

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Is it based on if theres a 5man premade + solos they can also only face 5man premade + solos?
Or is it only solo vs solo and premades vs premades?

Bgs Q in Wod with Blacklisting was 1-5 min max

I think it’s solos only queue and 2-5 man premades atm.

Or the design of the class might be bad? According to your logic there is no bad class, cause every single class has at least 1 person high rating with it, maybe you all just bad?

Frost DK is suddenly a good spec cause someone was able to hit high rating with it? You have even tank specs at high rating, are they suddenly meta in PvP and I just missed it?

Someone being able to hit high rating with a class / spec doesn’t mean the class / spec is good, it could be bad, could have bad design, could have bad gameplay, or just be 10x harder to play than other classes / specs.

We probably don’t want classes and specs that are X times harder to play to achieve the same result a different class achieves. There can be harder and easier specs / classes but there should be a reasonable floor / ceiling, where something is 10% harder, 10% easier, not 500% harder to play when compared to a DH.

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I can easily see an issue if its only premade vs premade and solos vs solos in normal random bgs though.
What they should, if they havent, is try equal amount of premades (with equal amount players) on both sides.
So lets say its a 2 - 3man premades in one side it should be 2 - 3man premades on the other side while the rest is solo. Right now the worst thing that happens is ppl pre-sync premading into 10 man randoms, the same with 5 full stacked vs 8-10randoms.

And same thing in epic bgs, equal amount of premades on both sides together with solos.

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I agree with most of things you say.
Yes some classes are weaker like fdk but thats not excuse.

Blacklisting Battlegrounds and even arenas should be implemented (atleast for BGs, they are long over-due)

I also would love an spectator mode in which you can observe an arena match or rated BG on an specific MMR.


yes i agree.

That would be awesome! Didn’t they try something like that in WoD? so shouldn’t be too difficult to implement…
And yeah the excluding bg option need to come back. never understood why they removed it in the first place.