PVP Changes we all want


  • Grounding Totem cool-down increased from 30 seconds to 1 minute
  • (Elemental only) Lava Burst damage reduced by 10% in PVP
  • (Elemental only) Deeply Root Elements proc chance reduced by 50% in PVP
  • (Elemental only) Elemental overload damage reduced by 10% in PVP

Demon Hunter

  • Chaotic Imprint (PVP Talent) has been removed
  • Cleansed by Flame (PVP Talent) has been removed
  • Detainment redesigned: imprison cool-down reduced by 30 seconds but now has a 1.5 second cast time.
  • Essence Break damage modifier reduced by 60% in PVP


  • All dimensional Rift (including Flame Rift) damage reduced by 10% in PVP
  • Mortal Coil duration reduced from 3 seconds to 1 second in PVP
  • Observer now deals 3% maximum health down from 10% maximum health
  • Conflagrate damage reduced by 10% In pvp


  • Cheat Death now reduces damage taken by 40% down from 85% in PVP
  • Veil of Midnight redesigned: Cloak of Shadow now grants 100% dodge chance and removes all physical and bleed effects but no longer provides magic immunity.
  • Shadowy Duel has been removed


  • Divine Shield now reduces all damage done by the Paladin by 50%
  • Jurisdiction no longer increases the range of Final Verdict or Justiciar’s Vengeance

If you want to nerf Ele then nerf Ret damage as well. Ret and WW are way more represented in the highest brackets than Ele. Even if you look only at EU Rets and WW surpased them in numbers at 2400+.

And no these changes suck.



1 Windwalker in the entire AWC

1 Ret Paladin in the entire AWC

Ele is in every second game

Absolute joke if you think Ele and Rshaman don’t need massive nerfs

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Then you are blind. The only team that played Ele was Lava Lava. Maybe because the only Ele player that qualified is Guzz? Kalvish played Ret. If you consider gauntlet. Then there was 1 more Ele that didn’t qualify. 3 more WWs and 3 more Rets. Any questions?

That’s not the case at all, even based on 1 stream from last night in the Mid-Season clash…

At least 2 WWs - Nick and Eradas.
At least 3 Rets - Kroto, Karijes and Kalvish.
Only 1 Ele as Savageshock said in Guzz.

Not sure where you are seeing the “ele in every second game”? I also wouldn’t use AWC representation to determine what classes need nerfed, you should be looking at overall representation in the bracket.

Using the AWC rep to determine that, then because mostly the healers played shaman and not druid, your logic would dictate that druids are fine and not by far and away the best healer right now and don’t need brought back in line?

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If you nerf Grounding from Enha Shaman, then developers could delete it from the game for ever xD


remove solo from rated.


yep these would be the worst changes they could make. Another example why they should not listen to anyone in these forums.


According to Check PvP, Ele is below Ret, Arms, Unholy, Destro and Windwalker in all arena brackets in the range from 1800 to 2400 regarding spec representation. So even in the actual ladder they’re average at best.

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ele can be op because of their mastery thats how it it is.just a dumb design class.its not overperforming cause its rng if they are op or not.

They were better into meeles in faster meta before stamina, fear and root changes. It pushed Destru above Ele. Ele was the best caster next to Arcane before the last tuning.

its just in a few instances were it does insane damage to 3 players i dont think its op

  • Mortal Coil duration reduced from 3 seconds to 1 second in PVP

are you alright ? But no thank you how else would warlock be able to cast or get Fears off when being trained By mele and if u say fake cast you have to duel with kicks, stuns ,Push back and CC

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Maybe 0.3 sec is enough.

45sec CD for 3sec CC.
I don’t think coil is a problem.

No nerf outlaw ? :ok_hand:

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thought the same

this would kill the spell completely, they need it as an backup especially into double meeles, the duration isnt the problem, but the low cd on it is. especially on demo lock, when he can use it, into axetoss

the dmg itself isnt the problem, but the deathsweep after essence break is more of a problem.

just no, jesus

Just played 3 shuffles in a row as affli with 2 dhs 1 arms / 2hs 1 ret / 1 dh 1 unholy / 1 ret.
Every single game was in small arena like undercity.
I will just leave it here, feel free to believe or not.

It’s not about game is unbalanced, of course it is and has always been, but omg they have a lot of statistics, just upload it to chatgpt and balance comps as it has to be. You can’t balance game yourself, there’s a tool for you today, please use.

As aff you need :

  • good mates because you can’t kill by yourself
  • good map small maps are awfull
  • good lobby if it’s hunter/mage/Ret your mate will perma dispel your dots #Blindinglight on a 3 target full dots :ok_hand:

if the enemy is a dh, he also can dispell the dots on himself with every immolation aura

atleast the main dot


Hahaha u wanna nerf ele and no affli locks? Affli locks constant dmg is 100k and self heals are broken while ele can do around 80k in very good non dispel match,average dmg is around 65k in this meta as ele.
Lets say as ele u are in match vs dh lock rshaman,dh dispels flames ,and when u use primo wave theres ground from shaman and then nether shield from lock ,but in the meantime u have to kill observer etc…