PvP Disqualification Policy Update

They just make New accs lol?

Stop any kind of boost… There are ppl that try hard to get some rating… How to do that when we face 3k boosters?

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Please ban the people blatantly wintrading in EU arena

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Just play better

I mean you cheat aswell playing 20 min games for 11 puntos Mr tay.

Imagine complaining about anything ad the biggest cheater class ever mage

Wtf are you talking about?

Eemmmm how about Boosts of any kind??? LFG is full of it.

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Yo blizzard are you going to listen to your customers suggestions or just make stuff up at the office? Your changing working things, and not touching broken things? Have you heard the expression dont fix what is not broken?

You meaning hiding behind walls and playing an overpowered class or 5 healers on a BG? You mean loling and kissing when the freak have to pretend that he is just a better player?

2much hate to all classes… play what you want and be good with it, thats the key, im playing BM which has only 30% heal every 2min and im fine, i can kill sub rog or any mage cuz you need to kite their bursts and stuff, its pvp not pve where you just stay and do most damage bro, peace

What does “unfair practices that result in their disqualification” entail?

Could leaving solo shuffle to preserve mmr be defined as such an unfair practice?
I mean, it is abusing a system in order to avoid the set penalty for losing, as the penalty for quitting is less severe than the penalty for a loss.

Let me say that again: The penalty for leaving a game, thereby rendering it void for all participants, is less severe than the consequences of losing that game… Seems kind of outrageous when you put it like that.

Ban the shuffle mmr abusers and wintraders


RETROACTIVELY punish Solo Shuffle abusers! This Blue Post predates SS.
Ppl who’ve dozens of leaves knew damn well they what they were doing. Very likely these are the same guys wintrading in the standard brackets as well.
It’d be so interesting to see what the leaderboards looked like with all the cheaters purged. (Not that I’ll be on it, I’m trash lol).

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So, where are all the lock bans eh?

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Please do this.

Update this to ban all rets?

Says DH lol

Free Bicmex

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Did he get the macro treatment?