PvP Disqualification Policy Update

As part of our continued efforts to combat cheating and unfair play in World of Warcraft, we’ve recently made a change to our policies regarding PvP disqualifications.

As of the Battle for Azeroth Pre-Patch, any player who is found to have engaged in unfair practices that result in their disqualification from end-of-season PvP rewards will also have their ability to queue for rated PvP matches immediately revoked. This restriction will continue through the remainder of the season in which they were disqualified.

This change is intended to minimize the impact that disqualified players have on those who are playing legitimately while the PvP season continues, and is just one aspect of our ongoing commitment to upholding the competitive integrity of World of Warcraft PvP.


HA - Look at all the boosting going on, open your eyes!


Well maybee you should sort out half the ladder that wintraded to r1 in season 4 then kekw.




@blizzard :slight_smile:


Too far away for rank 1 but it actually feels so bad to play in a “corrupted” ladder by coaching ( for money and even for gold /spit ) and wintraders. Everyone who was playing above 2.7 this season has all the list name. What Blizzard is waiting for ? Let’s make a huge ban hammer, ban their account for life.


Blizart, FIX WINTREDING. Lr, Te, Rz, C*****s, M an MANY MANY ozers doinks wintreding for ol BFA seezens. 2 years an you do nofinks? ENOF IZ ENOF!

are u from argent dawn by any chances?

Let me gues, you are a wintreder rite?

I’m not actually :slight_smile:

This pre season dmg in arena bad… all dps dmg nerf 50% … full gear on the class and in 3 sec stun and i dead… with full versa gear this not like and retry wog heal… humor pls blizzard balanced the dmg in arena…

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Well This Aged Well.

I m a bit late to the party on this post but how about you start by fixing this poor example of pvp you brought to shadowlands? Its embarrsing to say the least , fights that last 1 to 2 seconds if you dont have a ice block or any kind of immunity…Well i thing is for sure, you will have a lot more boosting and win trading going on since no one in their right mind likes to play this kind of pvp.

Last expansion 200% damp full mana np !
This expansion -200% in a blink of an eye…

Fix your game please its 16 or 17 years old and always changing for no reason at all when all you need is to stick to the best feedback you had in x or y expansion . Holly molly


lol once again there is no healthy balance all busted …warriors with double damage than all other classes / warlock with more life than a tank and 2 cast u dead no way/ monk lol death touch + absurd solo healer … basically with 2 monks you do 3k of rating…lol hey double rog ?! lal one shot easy … no way to play pvp…


Ban Arena boost accounts for life !!! And finally give us SOLO QUE !!!


Stop giving to wortless assurances that you are not going to keep. PvP is filled with these kind of players and you have done nothing to them.


What a joke! L2P!

Good, can we permaban all rogues now? They are obviously engaged in unfair practices against others.

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Its mostly a skill issue.