PvP Enabled during Superbloom for no reason - War Mode disabled

I was just doing a Superbloom today and got PvP enabled (and my face smashed in) for no reason whatsoever. I haven’t made any input as for enabling PvP (let alone war mode) as I dislike WPvP on principle. And, after waiting for 5 minutes for PvP mode to fade. it happened very soon again. Possibly from AoE damage or heal ability that - as far as I know - shouldn’t even consider PvP-enabled targets when I have PvP off.
So, instead of contributing to the event, I was forced to hover above like some lowly leech, hindering my enjoyment of the game.

Please investigate and fix.

Did you happen to figure out what causes this, or how to solve it?

I’m having this issue now too and i’ve no idea what’s causing it. For me it’s not just the Super Bloom, it can be any event even just doing normal world quests, even the climbing wall quests which don’t have combat.

Appears to be completely random during combat but this all started after i did some of the Outland Races. I noticed that all the races kept putting me into PVP and now it seems to have bugged me to every thing in game!

You most likely attacked someting neautral and its auto flagg you that way…

If you read the posts you would know that is not the case here.

Anyhow, it seems to have fixed itself for me now. Not sure if there was a fix or just being logged out over night solved it but so far it hasn’t come back.

Yep, didn’t happen today yet. For me, it was shaman ability - not sure if it was triggered by heal or damage. I had another player in chat (rogue) report the same happening to him.

Still happening.

Still happening. Even full groups of Hordes that corpse camp you nowadays.
Glad to see Blizzard is aware of it and doing something about it (not).

Same here, it sucks! Some BM-hunter was being funny and turned on PvP. Tried not to hit his pets with my rogue, didn’t work. Not funny!

There are certain rest areas where if you disable war mode it keeps the pvp flag active for another 5 minutes during which you have to avoid pvp before it completely turns off.

Example, doing as such in Ogrimmar leaves you with a 5min timer while cancelling in Dalaran does not. It is a convoluted mess that does not seem consistent or logical (remnant of past systems).

All the rabid and random aoe spam around the Superbloom event area in turn causes a chain reaction where more and more players get dragged into world pvp which they had earlier specifically chosen not to participate in.