PvP finally destroyed 'cause of vendor. Echoes alt-currency? No

Or rather, Blizzard introducing ALT-CURRENCY echoes of nyalotha. “For your alts, for essences”.

But woops. Suddenly it became the BiS-currency for your… MAIN?.. So if you didnt care for alts, but had one, you had 35k echoes and could get 7x 12% versa instantly.

Talk about the biggest worst stupid RNG ever.

Its utterly unfair, disgusting and just plain nonlogical.


It’s at least better having the possibility to get the best corruptions at a decent pace than maybe not having them at all because of RNG luck.

I agree that it sucks not having the possibility to get echoes on main before this though. I’m playing a pure dps main so I had 0 when this launched.

Still though, better than nothing.
Edit: Although I would much rather have nerfs to corruptions instead of this, but yeah.

Dont worry guys, Blizzard will fix it in the next xpac… I mean they swear ! Just make sure you buy it… erm, the deluxe edition would be preferable, than they fix it faster xD


or they can be logical and cap corruption resist on cloak in pvp situations to 0-50

and make a new tooltip showing what corruption would be in pvp eviroment

The best way is to disable all corruptions in PVP.

Blizzard was really bad in balancing anything all the time, but now they add more and more stuff so the game is moving towards total chaos.

As for me, I’ve stopped playing arena for now. It’s not about skill, cooldowns, tactics etc. All you need is stack corruption and farm dungeons.

Easy solution : make a new currency for that.

But who would have thought?

They will never make a cap because otherwise it will destroy the principle of corruption itself.

But they can up by a lot the corruption’s cost of item for example +12% versa now cost 50 corruption. So we can’t stack insane amount of them(imagine in few month xD)

They wont do that because they affect pve as well and they wont want people to not be able to use an item in both (e.g. the cost going up in pvp but not in pve).

Easy solution is to limit resistance to 50 in pvp like the TR and unnerf gush in pvp so vers stacking comps/classes don’t massively benefit. Well maybe gush should also be nerfed I dunno cos it will take a month til I can even test gush

If it’ s like that on tr maybe we got the hope after awc is finish to get a fix.

Doesn’t that result in the same?
I mean, if people gear their character around 100 Corruption resistance for world content and PvE, how are they supposed to do Arenas then? The moment they set foot into Arena they’d have way too much Corruption. So then what, they should take off their boots and pants?
You can’t really have different rules for different parts of the game when players are supposed to cross over between them seamlessly. At least not in BfA with the universal item design in this expansion.

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Surely not the 2 interns working on BFA.

No cos pvp and pve require different sets generally but there will be overlap. Its easy to fix corruption than it is to increase it, because then one item cannot be used in both sets but it can if you fix it.

And yes you can, but I cant be arsed to argue with you since you’re a troll. There’s already different rules

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this is *
My friend who did default daily things but not try hard at all was with 16k of echoes when it started cuz he had “blood of enemy” on his alt and had no on main heal lol

My both mains rogue/hunter was with their all essenses, i did everything since echoes was include in this game, and i get ZERO echoes when it began.
So my friend bought 4 of his bis corrupts instatly and keep do nothing, i keep farming all the stuff again.

Its utterly unfair, disgusting and just plain nonlogical. ©
i’m salty cuz i have no free time now for this stuff, when this is necessary to farm. And ofc i will not surprised that when i finally will get my own corruptios few week later they will nerf them all.

Limit effectiveness of all corruption by 60-70% in arena. Easy fix and its the only logical thing to do. You cut azerite traits in half, you cut essences effectiveness… follow your own string of logic.

Its fine everyone just get there spite trinket out :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: :upside_down_face:

Can’t even say I’m mad at spite anymore cause it hurts destro lock.

The enemy of my enemy became my friend it seems…

Still bad design tho.