PVP Gear Transmog Need Help

Hello, i’m looking for the Wild Gladiator’s Greatcloak and the Wild Gladiator’s Tabard for transmog purposes. It says on wowhead it’s sold by High Warlord Volrath and Legionnaire Gutcrush in Warspear ; but unfortunately Gutcrush is nowhere to be found, both in instance and in world, and Volrath is only available in instance and doesn’t sell anything. What am i doing wrong? Thank you for your help.

Those are the 2.6k rating tabard and cloak? Did you have that rating at the time, in season 2 WoD?

No, so I can’t get these anymore?

I dont know if you even can buy them, but if you can you would have to had 2,6+ rating in the current season, to buy that cloak/tabard.

That’s too bad, thank you anyway.

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