PVP Honor bug

Hello i have a honor bug i did a ticket to blizzard with no help they suggested me here. So bassicly iam farming honor in Alterac valley cuz its calls of the arms and i did a UBRS today around 18:30-19.00 and i rember looking at my honor ingame Interface as i usally do pressing C Honor. it was around 210k+ cuz i rember thinking to me iam kinda done for the week i reached my goal witch was 200k so after taking a smoke break comming back my PC crashed i reboted and logged in on wow my honor was rested to like 193k and i was like this is not right so i made a ticket with. i get to a GM saying this is very strange havnet had this issue before so iam making a topic now hopping BLizzard or someone can restore those honor. cuz its a grind i wana reach rank 7 this week and i might be missing that extra 10k or 20k

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