Pvp ranks last update

PvP ranks haven’t changed since yesterday, is it a bug or there was no PvP update at all before the tbc pre-patch?

I have the same issue. I should have increased rank this week (to rank 12). I don’t have new title however speaking with other pvp’ers it seems some got the updated ranks and some did not.

Personally I was rank 11 57% and ended up as standing one at 9am on Tuesday. The standing 2 player also got bracket 14 as he got is next rank and he was doubtful he would as of the RP spread. I did def got the standing 1 as I did 43K more honor than standing 2 did.

I have opened a ticket as unsure with pre-patch is it is the display bug we sometime got before in classic.

Be great if Blizz would let us know what is happening so we don’t all have to open tickets.

I’ve had the same problem. Grinded bracket 14/13 with 320k honour this week. Was on track to get the Champion title but haven’t had an update. What’s annoying is my friend got his updated, with less honour. As you can imagine, hitting the top bracket was not easy. The idea that 40+ hours could have been wasted is really frustrating. I hope Blizz see the update wasn’t done for everyone and can sort this.

Blizzard, this problem is affecting potentially thousands of your players, many of whom have voiced their concerns here (this is one of the topics generating the most buzz in the recent days and so far we don’t even have your acknowledgement of the issue):

We were promised rank update before prepatch and some people got it, some didn’t. Many players observed their rank updated on Classsic Era, but not on TBC server.
Please, give us some comment.

I have the same problem, honor I get before May 17th hasn’t been counted and as a result, I didn’t get my rank update. 2 of my friends have same problem we all raised tickets and reported bug but no solution yet. It is frustrating that we still have no proper answer on this.

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