PvP Rewards and Item Levels

Haha you didnt even understand what I said.

Gear being locked behind rating is a huge improvement than it being locked behind a mythic raid.

Anyways, even though I understand your frustration, I do not share it.
Skill should also reward power.

i think the more important reason for not locking it behind rated is because rated bgs are basicly non existant and arena is boring as hell. Being rated forces you to do absolutely boring and crappy content like arenas

Im in a rbg roster and queues are instant?

Its impressive how people want more and more everytime.

Bfa: We want to gear through pvp, pve sucks!!

Shadowlands: We want to get the best gear in the game through random bgs, arenas and rbg sucks!!

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lol dude people in bfa said that because pvp vendors have been a long time thing.

And nobody says non rated pvp should give this gear quickly. Ofcourse it should be far slower than rated pvp. But screw arenas and blizzes heavy focus on having to do it if you want pvp gear

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This seems to be an excuse for not wanting to improve - the skill level required to achieve a set rating in arena / rated BGs is far higher than just sinking time into random battlegrounds (which are FUN, yes, but not challenging!)

PvE content requires you to invest in your character and IMPROVE, take on bigger challenges for better gear etc. Why should PvP gear NOT have the same process?

Even now, PvE people are already dominating PvP, as PvE right now averages at what, 195-198 ilvl, while PvP gear is stuck at 184…
And it’s only going to get worse as the expansion progresses.

I don’t mind having two sources of gear, but if you don’t make their progression equally fast, then there’s NO POINT IN HAVING TWO SOURCES. At this point, PvP gear is PITY GEAR.


It’s not. Add a solo queue to rated BGs and we won’t have any of these threads, people will simply queue. The problem is that there is no solo queue and without it, you are doomed to spend a lot of time not PVPing but rather waiting for groups / being cited ridiculous requirements / getting declined. People would love to PVP for ratings. It’s just that they cannot, the barriers to entry are all social and they are huge - not worth it.

It’s going to get better eventually, but pretty late. In the meantime it’s going to get worse, yes. For all their improvements like PVP vendors, they failed with their gearing systems, on several counts.

But why do you want to be held ransom by a bunch of random players you’ll never see again? The moment people smell a loss, they’ll give up to not waste their time. There will be very little strategy, just people playing as they do in random BGs. Good players may struggle to progress if constantly placed with a group of lazy players who can’t play their class.

Surely it is much more satisfying to start your own rated battleground group and invite similar like-minded people?

"wE maTcH aGaİnSt pReMaDeS bLizZard, hOW cAn wE wiN LiKe tHiS :sob: "

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Waiting for muh 226 iLvL, give me the weapon

Did you ever play rated solo? This all is taken care of by ratings. You end up being matched with people who try about as hard as you do. That’s the whole beauty. If you do try hard, your games will be vastly better than in random BGs.

I played it in swtor and it was fun :slight_smile:
But in WoW i would only support soloqueue RBG vs soloqeue RBG but not arenas, cause i dont feel that all class combos are balanced

Sure, solo queue for rated BGs only, not for arenas.

This might honestly be a good way to incentivize taking alts to PVP. Having your CQ cap be dependant on the season rather than the week means that you don’t have to stick to one class for PVP, in case you wish to reroll for glad.

But these are team-based modes, your individual performance is not so important as the synergy of the team. And with a random group, I feel it will be almost impossible to coordinate people. I think people who do put in ALOT of effort will simply get frustrated when their individual efforts come to nothing for 70-80% of games.

Also this is a social game, why would we prevent people from playing these BGs with a few friends? It doesn’t make sense to me. I wish rated BGs were more popular and i think Blizzard should look at how that can be done, but I think making them solo-queue isn’t the way forward personally

Solo queue for team vs team, correct. Ratings work.

As to preventing players to play BGs with friends, nobody is preventing that, it just has to be a separate queue. Like in all modern games. Instead of unrated anything goes queue and rated team queue, we should have rated solo queue and rated team queue.

Well in BfA it was almost dead, now i assume some pugs try to farm rated honour that way and are stomped by organized prems.

Seems like there will be plently of quite easy teams to defeat for actual rbg players, so in order to keep it real and competitive prem rbgs and solo rbgs ( for solo rated honour farmers ) should be separate.

On the rewards front i agree there should be new mounts and maybe vanilla pvp set in HD or smth

As long as “gear is gear” acquiring PvP gear will never be allowed to be as fast (and especially not faster) as PvE gear.

It will also never be allowed to be stronger.

I.e. it’s faster to gear through PvE, and PvE gear is stronger.

Blizzard is trying to minimize the strength part, but the truth remains - BiS gear lists for PvP includes 2-6 pieces of PvE gear for almost all specs.

Moreover, PvE gear will objectively be king in PvP until ~w15 when most PvPers start maxing out their gear slots with Conquest gear.

PvP ilvls / PvP Power / PvP Resilience is the only solution.

No, I think a considerable portion of the random BG crowd just don’t want to do rated PvP, period.

Personally I don’t think that’s an issue - they shouldn’t be forced to. Everyone should get to the same gear level in PvP, whether casual or hardcore, eventually.

It’s going to get better later, i.e. by the time half the people playing now have already left the game (i.e. around ~w10-15).

Until ~w15 lots of PvPers will be running around with Honor PvP gear in many slots and a considerably worse average ilvl than PvErs.

No. Why would people want to:

  1. Take the time to attempt to form a group
  2. Lead the group


Most people don’t have what it takes to be a leader.

BG comps are not balanced either, as made obvious by the fact that there is a very well defined meta (dot/aoe pressure classes with AoE CC + flag carrier specs being kings) in RBG as well.

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