PvP rewards frame not showing up



I’ve been having this issue for a while but even with a full UI reset and / or disabling all addons the issue persists:
After a PVP match finishes you’re supposed to get the final scoreboard ánd the rewards you’ve earned, but for some reason the rewards aren’t visible on my UI:

i.imgur. com/pUkT9KT.png
i.imgur. com/IjGkhLZ.jpg

Circled in the 2nd image for clarity, just in case it wasn’t obvious enough where the frame is supposed to be.

Does anyone happen to know the name of the container/frame in which those rewards are supposed to be place so I can try and fix it through frame strata in MoveAnything or a similar addon? As I expect it’s just ‘hidden’ behind the parent frame.

Or would anyone know of another way to fix it?

Edit: To clarify, framestack doesn’t seem to be willing to give me a name for the frame(s).


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This will make it show names again

/console fstack_preferParentKeys 0

As for the rewards not showing up, no idea


Aaah perfect, with that I should be able to figure out the frame name the next time I do a bg!

Edit: Still can’t seem to fix it, seems to be the ‘PVPMatchResults.content.earnings’ frame but MoveAnything won’t let me move/change that one :thinking:

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