PVP tuning we need

locks reduce self healing.
ww reduce burst .
dh reduce dmg .
ele remove random 100 lavas procs.
resto druid reduce healing.
resto sham reduce totems power abit.
outlaw reduce dmg its acontroll class .
evoker devo reduce dmg abit .
maby surv/bm some dmg nerfs .
rets reduce dmg its a support class hello.
mw reduce melee healing.
this what after week of arenas on 2.4 mmr seen broken.
Tnx Good Luck

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u dont play on 2.4 mmr on any of ur chars.

some of those nerf requests are ridicilous.

i play on 2.2 mmr on some classes and i watch streams of diffrent classes
and this are excetly tunings we need
i came back a week ago from classic where i am the best on my class atm in one bracket wich i play for fun
to retail and retail feels BAD!
some classes or specs are redicules

u carried mmr over from previous seasons and are still below 2k cr after over 25 lobbys on both dk’s. thats far from 2.4 with all due respect.
no need to claim mmr u dont have.

u asked for surv hunter dmg nerfs. thats troll.

I wonder why DK isn’t listed.

Oh wait.


what we need:

What we get:

Feral druid nerf.


lol if you think dk need more nerfs you can go next topic
i played 2 weeks at start of df and was 2.4
so its enogth atm i dont play much at all and i came as i said 2 weeks ago when everyone fully geared
i have the full right to say what i think needs nerfs
youy coming here and declining everything is usless so go next “Bic”

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And i have full right to call out your bias.

you can say what you want its a free forum
after last nerf to dks i dont agree with ya
and i paly dh and war too so yea go next pls

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Remove DH immunity. At no point should they have that mobility, that damage, that CC and on top of that have immunity.


And Enha nerf xD

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Just stop asking for nerfs it’s obvious they don’t give a single fk about retail, buy mounts from store pls

they go overboard with the Dh…

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