(PvP) Warrior buffs can always be reviewed in later phases

I am concerned that there’s a prevailing memory of warriors being overpowered in the later stages of Vanilla and Classic. Players are hesitant to support buffs or much-needed enhancements in self-sustain or maneuverability for warriors, fearing a return to the imbalances seen in the final weeks of Vanilla or Classic. However, I believe the crux of the issue is that we still have 6-8 months before a similar situation could unfold.

Warriors desire competitiveness in each phase, just as other classes, and if adjustments are needed in phases 2 or 3 to achieve this, even if it requires subsequent nerfs in the final phase, then so be it. Both Blizzard and the player base must recognise that warriors aren’t the formidable force at level 40 or 50 as they are at level 60. In earlier versions of retail, hardly anyone created warrior twinks; instead, the preference was for priests, mages, rogues, and hunters because they excelled as all-around better classes before unlocking their full potential.

It’s essential to bear in mind that not every warrior is part of premades with feral druids and priests to enhance their viability in PvP. While there is a concern that buffing warriors might make them overpowering when supported by ferals and priests, Blizzard must take proactive measures without fearing potential consequences 6 to 8 months down the line. This is particularly crucial given that warriors are currently perceived as the least useful PvP class in the game.

A recurring point in all my forum posts is the noticeable cooldown gap between abilities in WoW SoD. The current experience feels akin to Warriors playing WoW Classic while everyone else enjoys playing WoW Cataclysm. A prime illustration of this is the stark contrast between [Dispersion] and [Shield Wall].

Dispersion: You disperse into pure Shadow energy, reducing all damage taken by 90% . You are unable to attack or cast spells, but you regenerate 6% mana every 1 sec for 6 sec. Dispersion can be cast while stunned, feared or silenced and clears all snare and movement impairing effects when cast, and makes you immune to them while dispersed.

Shield Wall: Reduces the damage taken from melee attacks, ranged attacks and spells by 75% for 10 sec.

When examining these abilities side by side, it’s evident that they share similarities in usage, both being employed when under pressure. However, the notable difference arises from their cooldown durations. Dispersion boasts a mere 2-minute cooldown, whereas Shield Wall demands a lengthy 30-minute cooldown. The stark contrast means that a player can activate Dispersion 14 additional times before a warrior can access Shield Wall for a second time. Such a significant gap in cooldowns is, without a doubt, unacceptable.

Another noteworthy aspect regarding warrior defensives is the process involved in activating them. Warriors are compelled to switch to defensive stance, equip a shield, and only then gain the ability to mitigate 75% of incoming damage. In the current PvP meta, which revolves around swiftly bursting down opponents, the timing becomes a critical issue. More often than not, by the time warriors actually need to press [Shield Wall], they are either already dead or at such a low health threshold that utilising it would render the 30-minute cooldown virtually ineffective. The crux of this issue lies in the significant number of GCDs needed to execute this defensive ability.

The last point to emphasise is that warriors aren’t seeking to become overpowering forces. Our goal is simply to play our class in PvP and have a fair chance against certain classes. Presently, warriors are the sole class lacking a rock-paper-scissors dynamic with any other class. They find themselves in a position where they are inferior to every other class and specialisation in the game.

I’m genuinely eager to hear the community’s perspective on this matter. Do you think warriors should endure patiently until the final weeks of SoD to have a fighting chance in PvP? Or are we collectively in agreement that warriors should be elevated to the playstyle akin to Cataclysm that others are currently enjoying, with a subsequent review in later phases?


Yeah, this kind of post we need more often. I think that warrior need very big adjustment to be viable from 1 to 60s and not be so overpowered in 60s, but again this is blizzard job. And I’m tired to explain why crap warrior in early lvls and overpower warrior in 60s is bad for community, because it leads to choosing classes like priest, hunter to 60 and then 60% of the whole community rerolls warrior, and I can’t understand how people think this is good for the game and in general how they want to play in such a game where one class is almost mindless for 1 year and in the last months everyone wants to play with it… This is called bad game design, and it is not useful for anyone.

TLDR, but have to say 1 thing: bUt yOu WiLl ScAlE wItH gEaR aT 60.
Just w8 6-7 (or maybe 8, 9, 10, who knows) months guys, it will all be good then.
Just play half+ year of:
-declining all duels
-avoiding all 1v1 situations
-sitting back in bgs next to a healer - jk they all rerolled shadow or moonkins (if there were any rdruds even) - w8ing to just jump on a rogue if he opens on them
-afk/“defend” st/farm
and you’ll be fine. Juuust few months.

Oh and don’t forget to smash that right click or autoattack button as hard as you can hoping to generate some rage to MS for ~260-280!

PS: Shivette, i know this it your favorite kind of posts mate so i’m sure you’ll show up. How are you my friend? Sry i didn’t keep in touch, kinda busy with last epoch the past week!


Yes, that’s the mentality unfortunately, let warriors suffer for half a year or however long phase 4 takes > make warriors somewhat useful before max level

I swear the warrior runes are the most lackluster sht ever when you compare to any other class

But it doesn’t matter, people will just repeat the yOuScAlEtHeMOstWitHgEaRatMaXlevEl argument

And that might have been true in vanilla / classic but I’m sod I’m not even sure about that lol

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That’s why I’m eager to keep this post prominently featured on the topics list. It’s hard to fathom anything more crucial than maintaining balance in a game, yet it appears that Blizzard is actively avoiding addressing this issue. While I understand the community’s concerns regarding the lack of content, WoW Classic inherently has limited activities. Personally, my apprehension centers around Gnomeregan, providing only 70 minutes of content each week. It’s crucial for Blizzard to recognize that the remaining 167 hours should prioritize balance.

SoD was intended for exploration, allowing Blizzard to experiment and observe what resonates. I’m not criticising Blizzard, as I believe they are doing a commendable job, but they should be more inclined to take risks.

Specifically, I urge them to start by aligning warriors’ cooldowns with those of other classes in the current game, rather than keeping us as easy targets for hunters.

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I drink warrior tears for breakfast

it’s a losing battle. Then you’re being told that you’re a noob for beating other players with better gear. Thus resolting in an over ending cope from other certain players on here that as a warrior you either are:

Bad at the game because you don’t have any good gear
Overpowered and broken and bad at PvP because you have better gear than them.

It’s never ending battle :smiley:

We’ll have an entire drink fest for everyone when Shaman’s tank rune gets nerfed in PvP.

Not my problem. You’ll still cry as you get kited and die to only rank 1 frostbolt

Warbringer removes both roots and slow on charge and intervene and intercept, and requires them to no longer change stance in order to use them.
Any warrior that still gets kited by a mage is bad. Every mage resort to spamming living bomb and keeping out of range of a warrior’s charge if they know what’s good for them.

No, you still die to rank1 frostbolt, trust me

I bet that you still use rank 4 flame shock to proc your lava bursts

I havent even touched ele yet. I main mage

Post on him then

No. Shmirgel is much better at making people seethe

You know I don’t care about logs either, I don’t keep track of my parses and they’re not that grand either, but I assume everyone trashtalking everyone else on here is too scared to post on their main to hide the embarrassment from their logs.

I only raid with memer specs and I dont give a poop about parse, neither does my guild, when content is this easy. Next run im going specless. Hiding never even crossed my mind. This is my forum-warrior character.

If you doubt my skill level I can give you a link to something

He makes a valid point; even a skilled mage can still effectively kite warriors in WoW Classic. This dynamic is inherent to the game, with mages serving as hard counters to warriors, and that’s acceptable. Had you taken the time to read my post instead of providing an unhelpful comment, you would understand that I advocate for a rock, paper, scissors approach to the game. I firmly believe that mages should be a formidable counter to warriors. The issue I’ve highlighted is that, currently, we face hard counters from every class in PvP.

If you don’t have constructive input to contribute to this discussion, I kindly request that you refrain from spamming it with pointless and immature comments.


Well like I said, I don’t care either about parses. But other people might do, and you’re scared that they’ll use it against you in an argument.

You mean just a troll character then? Why should people take you serious?

I don’t doubt anyone’s skill level, but is it that hard to switch character for pressing a button if you claim that it doesn’t effect you?

Its not hard, but I also am less inclined to accept your demand the more you ask about it. You say you dont care about logs, but you are very persistent in bringing up “muh logz” as argument.

If anyone was to use my grey parses as an argument against me, I’ll just link how I mog ppl on 1v4, tell them to duel me, then speak again.

Lmao bro it’s easy to mog 2 to 3 people. A paladin posted a youtube video where he reckoned 3 people, is that luck or skill? I deleted 2 rogues by just popping retaliate. Does that mean I’m suddenly a PvP god?

Jesus Christ bro.