PW:Shield, Shadowmend and Silence removal would make Disc unplayable in PvP

Just adding my two cents, was really hoping for disc to be fun an exciting in DF but Blizzard says no.

PW:Shield having a CD means less atonements going out with an immediate effect (renew is not efficient for multi target)

Removing shadowmend means locking priest on holy is certain death.

No interrupt is no interrupt.

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I had some soloq sessions in the beta, and this is my general feeling for disci:

  • having shadowmend on a 15s cd is basically like not having it; it’s a nice big heal but the cd won’t allow the “2 schools” playstyle disci is known for;
  • underwhelming radiance healing(even a crit won’t heal more than 30% of somebody’s hp);
  • underwhelming flash of light numbers;
  • pom is useless;
  • pw:l borderline useless above the health %, however i’ve seen it hit 92k once and it’s usable when silenced
  • talenting into purge the wicked gives some nice dps, providing good atonement. Schism into mindgames into wrath is fat damage.
  • pws is fat. The cd is weird to play around and we need another instant spell to give atonement (using trinity is basically impossible), however the shield is good and gives a few globals of breathing room.

All things considered shadowmend really needs to stay(with no cd); compared to retail our dmg seems better, our healing is worse as we have to use more buttons to do the usual mediocre healing while we don’t really have new cool spells(tendrils is garbage)

You still have to waddle for cc while specs like the megachad mw get incap stun ring and song together.

If specced into Trinity your Atonement duration is increased to 30 seconds whether it is applied by shield or flash heal or renew. Not sure if intended like this, the tooltip does not reflect this. However a change was obviously needed since trinity with shield cd is useless.

Holy Word: Life is pretty much exactly what disc priest needed in pvp. A single target recovery heal on a short cd. pressing radiance for 1 target feels bad since its a lot of mana. I really hope blizz does not decide to remove that for disc.

I agree on radiance healing. It doesnt do anything. I would even say its not worth pressing if flash heal actually healed a decent amount. But that does even less. Disc Priest needs significant tuning.

And i would like to see dmg modifiers gone for disc. Due to that disc does 50% less dmg and 14% less healing than holy priest. Note, that this is for exactly the same spells. A disc smite does 50% less dmg and a flash heal does 14% less healing. How is this a thing? Feels awful to press smite on disc priest. Doesnt do anything. And on top of that the disc tree is full with random talents that increase its dmg in some way (12 to be exact). Needless to say, you cant pick everything since there are other must-have-talents. And even if you picked everything you would still end up with less dmg than holy. This is such an awful design really. You nerf disc dmg by default by 50% and make players pick talents to get a part of it back. Who comes up with that, who thought thats a good idea? Its boring and lazy design.

And why all that? Because of raids of course. I get it, Atonement is strong in raids. But any other form of content suffers because of this. You need to buff atonement and dmg in non-raid environment or specifially in pvp because its definitely needed there.

But if blizzard pushes through with what they said they might do, removing shadowmend and power word life then without any compensation disc is dead in pvp. The removal of shadowmend alone might be enough to do so. Disc has nothing that holy cant do better. We lost knock aswell. niche ability sure, but it had its place in pvp. Your reasoning behind this was ridiculous and priest has now no meaningful mobility and no interrupt/silence either. Its a literal wheelchair. Everyone is meme-ing about ret being the wheelchair but truth is, its priest. Its honestly just sad


I can’t really wrap my head around the fact that they ACTUALLY went out guns blazing and removed shadowmend while saying “disci pvp gonna suck but we’re happy overall”, it just feels so tone deaf and uncalled for.

Seems like priest devs are actively trying to sabotage priest players

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Let’s be honest. Discipline priests were always S tier in arena and mythics. You are overreacting ;D

We will be fine. What is needed interrupt and spectral guise for priests.

I honestly don’t give a dang about getting a kick as disci, it’s just toxic for arena gameplay and takes away from shaman’s niche(now everyone got one so yolo)

Disci has never been S tier in SL after s1 and found very little play apart from jungle(obviously) and retwarr(which are better with a rsham/rdruid); i will not speak for pve since i play shadow there

I just don’t see the an actual valid reason to remove a button that holds huge weight in pvp, if a spell isn’t meaningful in pve then we can’t have it? Why do we have to get terrible spells like pom or holy nova? What value do those spells add to my gameplay that shadowmend doesn’t?
They created the bloat and rekt us hard using it as an excuse, so i think i’m allowed to be salty


Spells are tuned separately for pvp anyway, so just nerf disc silence/knockback in PvP

I’m assuming shining force interrupts 95% of mobs, yeah? It’s so nice for the tank when someone can move annoying mobs, the game makes it pretty hard to deal with ranged non-caster mobs for most classes. Also sanguine and we can’t rely on Bron to sow chaos any more.

Not having 2 schools is most likely gonna be a big issue for disc, especially in 3s. It was the main thing that could compensate for not having fly, greater fade and spammable LoH. Even if disc is viable now with big shields, I cant see any reason why you’d wanna play disc over holy. Holy does more dmg, has more cc, and now also gets double dispel. Doesnt make any sense :expressionless:

I was so hyped to play disc when we had the first iteration of the DF talents. But atm Im worried I’ll not enjoy disc much at all in DF.

I might dump priest after 3 expansions.

I only like disc and i want to pvp and do mythic+ and raids casualy.

Im kinda burnout to out twice the effort of a shaman in m+ for worst results.

I might go for monk or shammy.

Shammy all around looks strong and has an easier playstyle.

Monk looks pretty dope this time around.

Im also bored of beeing a target dummy in arenas.

I will wait for
More feedbakc but might make priest second char

Tks for info guys!

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