Q&A despite being weird I kinda miss them

Was wondering if there will be a Q&A for next patch. Used to watch these with my brother, drinking some beers see what is coming our way next week before patch. Been months and now seems to be right time to have Ion and co back on the floor!

Looking forward to next reset and all looking ok and fun. Time will tell…

Anybody else think there should be a show up, and tell us what is going on. All looking good and well! Cheers :smiley:

why we have no q&a anymore?
99% of answered question was aleardy given everywhere, but still answered ot anyway.
most of question was about cosmetic,achivement,flying and rarely on the problem plaguin the games, so people started to watching.

Iirc they replaced the 8.2 one with the various dev insight videos or the creator content event so we may not get one this time around

Would be nice tho, but overall the very nature of the q&a makes them less effective than the Dev insight. (No matter which questions you pick, folks will always complain you took the easy ones. If you make a blunder and use a bad argument, players will parrot it for years to come, ect.)

The 8.2 Dev insight and the 8.3 one were overall well received, much more than the previous q&a ever did. Dunno if they want to risk another q&a when the safer approach works better

They don’t usually do Q&A for a patch that is about to drop.

They do stuff like this

Ok will check it out, thx for the information. For legion they actually did do these video’s on a regular base.

I’m not a fan of the format myself but I know others like them.

I thinl they swapped to the other version, where Ion talk about the next content.

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