QoL Instance maps for old dungeon and raids from Vanilla and BC

I might be late with this, since wrath is slowly coming to the end with Phase 4 and phase 5 is quite under question, but still in terms of features and QoL stuff it would be really nice to have maps for dungeons and raids from vanilla and BC. Wow devs already implemented dungeon maps for WoTLK content, so it is probably not about “losing classic experience of getting lost in a dungeon” because they removed this feeling in current content already, and I don’t find it bad for Classic having such QoL feature as instance maps for every dungeon or raid we come across. In cataclysm we will get it eventually but that is completely different story, since the world and some dungeons were changed, maybe it would be also nice idea for future classic development if they continue with something like SoM 2 or beyond. In my opinion having maps for dungeons is not that bad, like e.g. introducing RDF, so it would not ruin anything in terms of classic except these questions like “Where is that boss? Where to go?”. Most of the players already seen these dungeons so many times and will not ask for directions anyways, so why not to add this awesome feature to classic for every instanced content? What do you all think?


Or besides , dungeons aren’t that hard to memorise. If you play Classic , you are already more than capable than an average retail player that mashes 3 buttons and says that 5 is hard and too much.

What a low iq post. Current retail specs have like 20 button rotations which is far more complicated than wow ever had.

Arms warrior has 4 buttons for bashing stuff, 3 abilities for defending one self and 4 utility.
The rest are just filler or perhaps flavour.
Fury warrior has 3 damaging abilities that you mash constantly and 4 extra - depending on your talents. (Most fun if you into hack and slash)

Blood DK has about 5 buttons to use, while you mostly use 5 - heart strike, bone shield, death and decay, taunt ofcourse, and depending on situation grip.
Frost has 5 as well I believe, but that is really unchanged since before times.
Unholy has 6-7.
Each Shaman has more , around 6 damaging abilities (don’t play other specs).

Not sure about other classes, and not saying that they don’t have a lot of buttons , but the ones that you actually use the most of the time.

But again, I am not a competitive player in retail, and I may not know a lot , but that is how it looked like from my perspective. No need to be rude about it, my guy.

Besides , we be talking about maps here, not rotation, but if you wanna go with that - then I was saying that comparing the era rotation you get at say level 25 is vastly different than the one you use in current, as you are required to make some use of all abilities you have, rather than some that you most likely will not use in current

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He might have started Classic in WotLK, you never know. The whole reason they simplified dungeons back in the day in Cata was because of the hordes of non-gamers that joined during real Wrath.

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