Q'onzu, Loa of Change

So I am doing the quests in the emerald dream and came across this owl fella that is very secretive.

He says that his first devotees called him a Loa, but he is not in the zandalari records.
That means that he was not worshipped by any tribe we have been in contact with and they have probably been gone for a long time.

My first though is that it was the dark troll tribes that later turned into the night elves.

Did he play a part in their change?

And if so, why is there no mention of him by the night elves?

Did their transformation make them forget him, is that why he seem so depressed and hold on to the title Loa of Change in memory of the troll tribes he cared for?

That’s peculiar because other folks around him said that he adapted “Loa” title fairly recently. Besides he has audacy to tell trolls that they likely never met “Loa of change” when that is one of Gonk’s titles.

If anything he is a proof why Trolls don’t worship bird loas “They’re too fickle”.

Of course the exception are the Forest trolls who have Akil’zon and another eagle name I don’t remember. But liekly yes, if that owl “loa” used to have followers, then likely it was dark trolls who later trasformed to nelves.

I find it funy that after nelves became a thig they forgot about being trolls before or did’t even bother to research their roots. They even called it herecy and killed everyone who said otherwise.

He is invented for one reason. You can guess what it is by his they/them thing

Oh yes, it is quite obvious, and this is why many people refuse to play along.

Exactly :smiley:
Can’t believe I am agreeing with a Troll lol lol

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