<Quasar> Competitive Guild Recruiting

Is an old and established PVE raiding guild, that developed into a competitive speed running guild. Some of our achievements including:

Server 1st AQ40 clear.
45 min AQ40 (P5)

Two equal raid teams, and a monthly speed run / normal run split. All content cleared in one raid night with both teams, including on speed run weeks.

We have a team that enjoy competitive PVE, frequently holding the top speed clear on server, and we aim to continuously climb the global speed rankings. We are constantly looking to improve our roster, and are especially interested in ambitious individuals or groups who enjoy speed or progression challenges.

Raid days

We have two equal raid teams that clear all content on single raid days, the player rosters are not fixed so that everyone may play with each other, and on DMF weeks the top performers will be selected for speed runs.

Wednesdays 19:30-23:00
Thursdays 19:30-23:00

We use a Loot Council (LC) system for loot distribution.


A big part of our fun is healthy PVE competition, on a monthly basis (DMF) we will prepare for and take on new speed, execution, or progression challenges.
Our raiders are expected to meet all the consumable and world buff requirements each week, with special requirements on speed runs. You are expected to be involved in all activities that will benefit the team’s goals.

Please /who Quasar for assistance, or contact Qpid, Timeless, or Massacraur directly in game or on Discord for more.

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