Quel'dorei High Elves as an Alliance allied race

Perhaps, something similar to 7th Legion armor could also work. There are many High Elves there, after all. Winged helms/masks and gold+blue color theme would fit them well.


Didn’t you guys see the Quel’dorei High Elves armor already? I think it was put in the 8.1 patch. On the Horde side though, since that’s where the High Elves are.

No they’re not troll. They’re called The blood elves look at the race creation screen option you’ll see they’re the blood elves not the High elves or can you not read?


I apologize for my utmost humble objection, but even the game’s director said that as a fact. High Elves have been horde since TBC, just under a different name.

He referenced the similarities between these two races but as far as I remember he did not said that they are the same.

Anyway even Ion mentioned High elves as sub-race in the past, that might have been playable.


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You’re confusing “Thalassian” with “High Elf”. Even the Grand Magistrix Elisande knew the difference.


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No ion’s a fool he favors the horde yet he don’t even know the lore The silvermoon was once High elves but now they’ve been renamed Sin’dorei blood elves within memory of their fallen brethren and sisters go play Warcraft 3 and you’ll see.

Citation needed.

I’m fairly certain he does.

They are still biologically High Elves. They just -call- themselves Blood Elves. There is no physical difference, nor (yet) any Cultural one. Actually no, there is one change. The Blood Elves have the ability to take sustenance from creatures, the High Elves don’t, as they refused to learn. That doesn’t make you a different species. I have a dear friend who is Vegan, whereas I love a good steak. We’re both the same -species-. Lets try this again. All Blood Elves are High Elves, however not All High Elves, call themselves Blood Elves. Wanting to play the ones who still call themselves High Elves is fine, however Ion is absolutely correct, the Blood Elves -are- High Elves, they are the dominant 90% of the Species.

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Then if they think they’re High elves then why don’t they rename themselves to High elves again then?

Because they chose to rename themselves to remember their fallen. Its that simple. They gave themselves a different name. I could call myself a Frenchman, it wouldn’t change the fact that I am English. That’s all the difference there is. A name.


To me The Silver covernent’s The real High elves.

They aren’t the only ones that call themselves High Elves though, there are the Elves at Quel’danil, there -were- the ones at Quel’Lithien, There are the High Elves who lived in Theramore, in Stormwind. None of those are Silver Covenant, yet all still call themselves High Elves.


The biggest differences between those two groups are their choices, be it name, allegiance, methods of surpassing their Mana-thirst etc.

There is some physical alteration between them, but it is questionable how significant that is.


Well the none blood elves are the real High elves to me.

Being the ones who still call themselves high elves, whereas the high elves who call themselves blood elves don’t, in fact, call themselves high elves, this is fairly obvious. That’s why many have started calling the groups collectively “Thalassian” elves. Thalassian elves have split into blood elves and high elves, who are both still the same race, but different groups. Some blood elves became void elves, and are counted among the Thalassian elves. So, two of the Thalassian groups of elves - blood elves and void elves, are currently playable, while the third group (or first, or second, depending on how you count), called high elves, are not yet playable.