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So I’ve recently came back to the game around two weeks ago, before that I played right at the beginning of DF and Season 1, took the break and back now. The problem I am having is that I cannot figure out where the hell I am in almost all of my quest lines, making it almost impossible for me to continue doing achievements to get, for example, the new Meta Achievement.

Is there an addon or something like that, that can help with this? I started to use WoWtrack for the meta achievement itself, but as of yesterday my progression according to the website is back at 0% instead of 60% ish.

Just another example, part of the [Friend of the Dragon Isles] achievement requires a part called [Garden of Secrets], but the problem is my dragon does not spawn, I’ve been to every single quest giver/receiver in the entire chapter and still, no quests.

It’s becoming infuriating…

Wowhead comments are amazing.

Wowhead itself is just a scaffolding from which to read the comments, but the comments always deliver.

Top comment on

which is the quest where you need to start for your [Garden of Secrets]

Renown locked until Lvl 19 with the Valdrakken Accord

Several quest chains are locked behind Renown withthe various factions, so when looking for a quest, always check for that.

As doe addons, you might look at BtWQuests with the DF module, or Quest Completist. But if quests you think should be showing up are not showing up, check Wowhead comments!

Unfortunately, the WoW comments are sometimes not as helpful. My dragon doesn’t spawn, I’m level 23 in the renown, and still no way of finding out how to get to him or get the quest ^^.

I’ll check out the addons, thanks :slight_smile:

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