Quest bug, i'm stuck in the loremaster achievement

Hi, i was doing the (Lightning defiently strikes twice quest) in Northrend Sholazar basin. The npc i was supposted to turn it in at is supposted to follow me around so i can turn it in at the spot. I used a fly mount and he dissapeared and the quest told me to use a horn to summon him back if he did that. I didn’t get a horn from the quest or anything so i tried abandoning the quest and do it again. I flew back to the spot where the quest is located on the map but there is no quest to take even though the map says otherwise. I think it might be a phasing isssue or something but i cannot continue my loremaster achievement if it doesn’t get fixed. I’ve tried relogging and restarting the game but it’s all in vein as nothing changes.

IDK to be honest and I’ve only seen this post by chance. You should make a thread in the Quests & Achievements section it will probably get more views there.

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