Quest does not appear: The Pride of the Sin'dorei (Quest for the Blood Elf Heritage Armor)

The Quest: The Pride of the Sin’dorei (Blood Elf Heritage Armor Quest)
does not appear!
My friend and I have both lvl 51 blood elfs (priest and dk) and we are exalted with silvermoon, but the quest for the heritage armor does not appear at the embassy in orgrimmar. why?
wrong timeline? are there other requirements beside lvl 50 an exalted with silvermoon that we have to fullfill?

The first thing I would try is to talking to Chromie to see if you can return to the present, in case that is causing any issues.

I have this quest auto pop up every time I visit Oribos on alts that haven’t done it. Double check it’s not sitting in your quest log, in case you previously accepted it.

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I just noticed this quest also appears (for an alt) in the Adventure Guide for me, if I keep paging through the options.

problem solved… i am lvl 60 now and the quest is now availiable in front of the embassy in orgrimmar.

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