Quest for Screenshots


I’m here asking for screenshots of my main character because I’ve spent the past several years trying to find even one image. Long story short, I started playing at the very end of vanilla in November 2006, stopped around 2017 and came back to Classic for a few months. I have only 3 TBC screenshots and nothing from vanilla. I’ve tried everything I possibly can: Google searches, archives, old emails, social media accounts, contacting strangers, etc. I’ve spent many, many hours on YouTube looking at essentially every Alonsus EU YouTube video. Also Nightfall Battle group, which includes Bronze Dragonflight, Anarchronos, etc. I even frame-by-frame search through pixelated videos. The game means so much to me as I grew up with it. I still obsess over it to this day, even though I no longer play. I have documents in which I’ve written as many memories as I can remember. I can’t really put into words how much I want to find a screenshot of my first character. For me he’s tied up with my entire childhood, imagination, creativity, fantasy, and everything that made me who I am as an adult. Sentimental? Yes. But it matters to me.

The last resort is to ask for screenshots by proxy. Does anyone have screenshots of:

A male night elf warrior called Xanturi from 1-70 on Alonsus EU. He looked exactly, or almost exactly like my avatar. Another name for him was Corporal Chaös (mainly mid to late TBC). On Darkspear EU he was Aerion. It’s obvious that someone out there will have this character in their screenshots folder, it’s just near impossible to track these people down.

I raided in Karazhan primarily in 2007, but have forgotten the guild name. I think I did some Zul’Aman, too, probably on Alonsus but maybe on Darkspear.

Associated names are: Sarith, Egeus, Priam.

According to WarcraftRealms, here is a part of my guild history:
10: The Last Warriors
15: Legion of War
30: Warriors of Light
40: Azeroths Imperial Guard
40: Final Hope
45: Rebellion
60 BRG Elites
I was also in the guild Dragonsworn.

If you played on Alonsus from 2006-2008, please just look at your WoW screenshots folder. Better yet, if privacy isn’t an issue, email me your folder and I’ll trawl through every single screenshot! I’m not even kidding.

I’m willing to pay for people to search.

The problem nowadays is that there are almost no forums for WoW servers and Google hides so much. I’ve tried thousands of word combinations.

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