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So I’ve recently got plater and imported a profile and still in the process of tweaking it. I’ve obviously disabled unit frames in elvui to make plater function as it should but there’s a feature missing which I found very useful that I think was built into the elvui unit frames, possibly a WeakAura.

This feature was when you get quests to “kill X of these mobs” or “loot X from that mob”, on the enemy npc unit frame there’ll be a skull with the number of remaining kills you needed to complete the quest or a loot bag and a number relating to how many quest items you’ve left to loot from that particular mob. I’m looking to get this functionality back if anyone has any idea how to do this. Done a bit of googling but not turned up much. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

you can check for additional features.

It looks like is what you are looking for.


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Thank you very much, this is exactly what I’m looking for. I only discovered that site the other day. Just for clarification though, how do I add this to plater without disrupting anything in my current profile? Do I just copy my existing profile and import it and hope it works?

With Plater you can add Scripts or Mods to your nameplates. It’s kinda like a Weakaura for your nameplates.

On you get an export string (button in the top right corner) that you simply import into Plater. Open the config with /plater. On the top you click on the button Script or Modding. Then, on the left side, you have some more buttons. :sweat_smile: The icon with the file and arrow down is the button for import. On the right side you can paste (Ctrl+v) the string into the text field. On the bottom right click on Okay.

On the left side you see a list of scripts that are installed with Plater. Your imported script should be enabled automatically.

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